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The ComDev Team


Dear students, alumni, colleagues & friends of ComDev Malmö!

ComDev was founded in 2000 and we are celebrating the program’s 15th anniversary this year!

We would like to take this opportunity to invite students, alumni, colleagues and friends of the program to a special 2-day event in Malmö on 18 & 19 September 2015.

The event will involve keynote speakers, round tables, interviews & surprises. And we would like to source as much content from our network, which means that we need your input!

If you follow the link to the pre-registration form you will be able to submit your ideas, potential contributions and links to your projects and organization

Since our MA in Communication for Development is still one of the few programs in the field blending on-site campus learning with an interactive online format, we are also encouraging you to connect virtually: Do you have a great story from that seminar in 2004 that you want to share? Stashed away some photos from an event in 2007?

Do get in touch!
You can also simply write to comdev (at) mah (dot) se – but make sure you receive all the updates on our social media channels. We will update the ComDev Portal regularly and make sure you join almost 800 ‘Fans’ of our ComDev facebook page and more than 200 alumni at our LinkedIn group Malmö University Communication for Development Alumni!

The event will take place in the brand new ‘Niagara’ building of the university right next to Malmö central station and the new Malmö Live quarter. Your visit will be rewarded by enjoying the changed and changing city of Malmö!

As an added incentive, we will provide 5 travel grants to non-European resident alumni worth 10.000 SEK each!

So what are the next steps?

  • Mark the 18 & 19th September in your diary!
  • Complete the short pre-registration form
  • Get in touch with us with suggestions, from an NGO round-table to an international donor panel
  • Share your memories, from a short quote on what ComDev has meant in your life and career to sharing photos, blog posts and more

We are looking forward to welcoming you to Malmö in September!

The ComDev team

A recently published special issue of a major international communication journal features research from ComDev staff and partners. communication_theory
The Communication Theory special issue on Advocacy and Communication for Social Change features co-authored research by ComDev’s program coordinator Tobias Denskus as well as contributions by previous ComDev guest lecturers, including co-editor Karin Wilkins.
She writes in her introduction to the special issue:

These articles resonate with our call for theorizing the context of social change.
Conceptualizing social change intervention as an inherently political strategy means reflecting on our own academic work as well as program implementation and assessment.
The politics of promotion and funding structure the choices scholars make, as does the risk of legal action. One of the key concerns with contemporary development practice is an emerging privatization of this field designed to promote the public good: The trend toward privatization in global development serves neoliberal agendas of transnational elites in ways that limit the possibilities for effective and moral strategies.
But it would be a mistake to single out development as an industry without also recognizing how privatization may also be attempting to restrict academic discourse.

The special issues covers a broad range of case study and approaches, including contributions by Stuart Davis on Citizens’ media in the favelas, Mohan Dutta on Decolonizing communication for change, Rico Lie & Jan Servaes on Disciplines in the Field of Communication for Development and Social Change, James Pamment on Development communication and Public Diplomacy, Rachel Stohr on transnational feminism and women’s environment and development organizations and Silvio Waisbord on Three Challenges for Communication and Global Social Change.

The special issue also features an article by Tobias Denskus and Daniel Esser (American University) on TED Talks on International Development: Trans-Hegemonic Promise and Ritualistic Constraints which is probably the first research article that specifically analyzes TED talks on international development topics.

They conclude in their article that

TED talks (…) remain focused on dissemination, not activism; they spread ideas, disconnected with social change. While we must not discard the possibility that their audiences contain members who eventually leverage insights gained from either participating or watching these talks for social change, TED talks themselves do not possess this catalytic function as did, for instance, Twitter in the context of the Arab revolution. Linking new media such as TED talks to communication theories helps us put claims about supposedly ground-breaking potential of these media for social change into historical and critical perspective. Our findings indicate that structural issues undergirding current media discourses, from power to mediatization and ritual dynamics, are equally present in emergent forms of digital media.

If you do not have access to Communication Theory and require an article for your research or teaching you should contact ComDev or leave a comment and we will try to work out access issues.


‘Memory on Trial': Book launch of new Örecomm anthology

by Tobias Denskus June 3, 2015 Comdev News

Last week ComDev’s Oscar Hemer and Anders Hög-Hansen launched a new anthology, Memory on Trial, a collection based on papers presented at the 2013 Örecomm festival: This book approaches the memory sharing of groups, communities and societies as inevitable struggles over the interpretation of, and authority over, particular stories. Coming to terms with the past […]

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Degree project examination & seminar on social capital, open data & ICT4D (4-6 June)

by Tobias Denskus May 29, 2015 Uncategorized

Dear all, Welcome to our final ComDev seminar this term in conjunction with the Degree Project examination! The schedule for the degree project examination is now online  and you are welcome to join us in person and online for 15 exciting presentations and discussions that wrap up two years of studying ComDev between Thursday morning […]

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‘Learning for change’ conference: ComDev student reflections on online learning

by Tobias Denskus May 26, 2015 ComDev lectures

ComDev student Muhammad Al-Waeli participated online in the ‘Learning for Change’ conference hosted by the Nelson Mandela Institute of Science and Technology in Arusha, Tanzania. We re-publish his reflections that originated from discussions on our itslearning platform and his subsequent blog post. Muhammad’s reflections are not only relevant in the context of the Glocal Classroom […]

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Swedish association for media and communication research awards Florencia Enghel’s PhD thesis

by Tobias Denskus April 30, 2015 Comdev News

The ComDev team is very pleased to share the announcement made by Föreningen för svensk medie- och kommunikationsforskning (FSMK) that Florencia Enghel’s doctoral thesis from Karlstad University won the association’s 2015 award for best dissertation. Sharing the great news with the ComDev team, Florencia remarked: Beyond recognition of my individual work, I believe that the […]

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New Nordicom open access publication on “New thinking in communication for social change”

by Tobias Denskus April 28, 2015 Comdev News

Featuring contributions from ComDev team members and guest lecturers including Florencia Enghel, Jo Tacchi and Jessica Noske-Turner, Nordicom just published a special issue of the Nordicom Review entitled “Beyond the Impasse: Exploring new thinking in communication for social change“, edited by Pradip Ninan Thomas from the University of Queensland, Australia. Combining insights from both theory […]

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Learning Together for Change – Arusha – 27-29 April

by Anders Hög Hansen April 25, 2015 Uncategorized

Parts of the seminar to be live streamed here on the portal (and on Live Lecture with chat for enrolled students) are the Monday morning Keynotes and the Theme 2 ‘Learning Technology and Globalization’ introdutions and workshops, Mon afternoon and Tue morning. Also wrap up parts Wednesday afternoon to be streamed. See more info in […]

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EMPOWERHOUSE – Sustainable Community Radio Training Course

by Hugo Boothby April 13, 2015 ComDev

Great news for those working within Community Radio. Our colleague Birgitte Jallov has just announced a 7 week, 7 module Sustainable Community Radio Management Course starting May 13th. Birgitte was one of the teachers on the Advances in Communication for Development course given last autumn. Birgitte gave an excellent workshop on communication planning that was greatly […]

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