comdevaupconorashleigh01ComDev seminar at American University of Paris brings together international group of students and teachers

Hosted by Professor Tanya Elder of the American University in central Paris, the ComDev team was joined by more than 20 MA students at one of the largest Glocal Classroom teaching seminars outside the Öresund region from 10-12 November. img_0588

Our ComDev team, led by the course responsible for the Media, Globalization and Development course Hugo Boothby and ComDev program coordinator Tobias Denskus, also met with the Swedish delegation to UNESCO and the local C4D network group before an intensive teaching seminar with inputs from five ComDev teachers and four AUP colleagues.

All in all a great opportunity to network with colleagues, students and the Communication for Development community!

We were also lucky that one of our students, Conor Ashleigh, is a freelance photographer and he kindly provided one of the photos for this post.

journalmediapracticeCity Symphony Malmö: the spatial politics of non-institutional memory

New article coauthored by ComDev’s Anders Høg Hansen and Erling Björgvinsson (Interaction Design, formerly Malmö University, now at Gothenburg) published in the Journal Media Practice, explores the function of media in the creation of non-institutional memory and discusses the complexities of participatory and spatially distributed filmmaking and the convergence of culture and mediated memory production in Erling Björgvinsson and Richard Topgaard’s 2009 documentary City Symphony Malmö.
The City symphony genre captures snatches of real-time footage, allowing filmmakers to make a statement on modern society in which time, space and movement are fundamental elements.

The article discusses where the relation between place and memory and the constitution of individual and collective identities converges to manifest in the production and mediation of living memory, revealing an interplay and a tension between seemingly private and public content and the role of networked media in the creation of plural aspects of collective remembrance.

transit-europe01Organized in collaboration with Malmö Institute of Migration, Diversity and Welfare and SPIDER (Swedish Program for ICT in Developing Regions), Ørecomm Symposium on Mobility, Communication and Governance, took place on 22nd and 23rd September 2016 in Malmö, Sweden. The interdisciplinary symposium brought together a range of academics and professionals to discuss the current refugee situation in the framework of media, communication and governance.

The Keynote speakers, including Joaquín Arango (Universidad Complutense, Madrid, Spain and visiting Willy Brandt professor at Malmö University), Garbi Schmidt (Roskilde University, Denmark), Silvio Waisbord (George Washington University, Washington D.C., USA) and Mirca Madianou (Goldsmiths’ College, University of London, UK), examined the reality of the refugee situation in multidisciplinary presentations and panels analysing one of the most challenging crises to reach the shores of Europe in the 21st century.

The symposium kicked off on Thursday, September 22nd , with a welcome address by Malmö University’s Vice-Chancellor Kerstin Tham and Ørecomm co-directors Oscar Hemer and Thomas Tufte, who also marked the launch of their new book ‘Voice & Matter; Communication, Development and the Cultural Return’. The day included presentation by Laid Bouakaz on Arabic media in Sweden and Ioanna Tsoni, PhD student in Global Political Studies at Malmö University, of her current research into ‘The Refugee Rescue Industries’, and included her powerful video titled ‘Trash/Traces – Lives adrift along the border’ from her time in Lesvos, Greece.

transit-europe02Day 2 included presentation by Silvio Waisbord titled ‘Communication In The Society Of Difference: Between Pluralism And (Dis)Engagement’, Rafael Obregon, UNICEF’s Chief of the Communication for Development Section, discussion on UNICEF’s humanitarian programming in Europe within a communication perspective, and Mirca Madianou’s presentation titled ‘Humanitarian Technologies. From Ideals Of Participation To Practices Of Governance In Emergencies And Disaster Recovery’ based on her recent paper in the International Journal of Communication, titled ‘Finding a Voice Through Humanitarian Technologies? Communication Technologies and Participation in Disaster Recovery’

The symposium put the current refugee situation in Europe in global perspective, with focus on the need for and role of Communication for development to ensure dialogue, participation and active listening.

Full recordings of the 2 days of the symposium can be found below and are also available on ComDev Bambuser Channel.

Day 1- Thursday 22nd September 2016

Welcome address Kerstin Thamm, presentations Joaquín Arango & Garbi Schmidt, discussion

Presentations Laid Bouakaz & Ioanna Tsoni

Day 2 -Friday 23rd September 2016

Presentation Silvio Waisbord

Presentation Rafael Obregon

Presentation Mirca Madianou

Concluding panel with Jo Tacchi, Oscar Hemer, Mirca Madianou, Silvio Waisbord & Kerry Bystrom

Glocal Classroom Revisited – Storytelling and Social Change Leicester-Malmö

by Anders Hög Hansen October 14, 2016 ComDev seminar

The every day class room of ComDev is what we call the ‘Glocal Classroom’. The name is even on the door in our studio. However, there is a particular extended format which not only involves people online as well as in a teaching location in Malmö or somewhere else in the world (as e.g. Paris […]

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Apply for ComDev’s flagship MA program until 17 October!

by Tobias Denskus September 28, 2016 ComDev courses

Dear all, These are exciting times at ComDev! The autumn semester with almost 150 students across all our courses is well underway and we just concluded our Transit Europe symposium with more than 60 colleagues, students, alumni and friends of ComDev. As the spring application window for ComDev’s flagship 1-year MA opens from 15 September […]

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ComDev alumni interviews: The UN experience

by Tobias Denskus September 28, 2016 Alumni

ComDev students and alumni are based around the world and work in many different fields where they apply their communication for development knowledge and skills. As the application round for the 1-year MA for spring 2017 is now open between 15 September and 15 October we asked three of our alumni to share reflections on […]

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Transit Europe – LIVE

by Mikael Rundberg September 22, 2016 Live Lecture

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New open access book! Voice & Matter: Communication, Development and the Cultural Return

by Tobias Denskus September 5, 2016 Örecomm Festival

“The contributors to this anthology, who were all participants in the 2014 Voice & Matter conference, substantiate our arguments: the new momentum for ComDev in times of social media and social movements; the close interdependency of voice and matter; the renewed cultural impact in the form of an “ethnographic turn”; and, finally, an approach to […]

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New journal article on ritualized peace research conference spaces in Germany

by Tobias Denskus July 5, 2016 Uncategorized

From Social Movement to Ritualized Conference Spaces: The Evolution of Peace Research Professionalism in Germany is the title of ComDev’s Tobias Denskus‘ latest research article just published in the journal Peace & Change: The article employs anthropological ritual theory and the concepts of symbolism and liminality to provide a theoretical framework for analyzing ethnographic insights […]

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Save the date! Transit Europe: Mobility, Communication & Governance conference at Malmö University 22-23 September 2016

by Tobias Denskus June 20, 2016 ComDev

Organized as a collaborative event between ComDev,  the Malmö Institute of Migration, Diversity and Welfare (MIM) and the Swedish Program for ICT in Developing Regions (SPIDER), the Transit Europe international conference explores the current refugee situation in the framework of media, communication and governance, in particular humanitarian technologies and communication. Keynote speakers of include Silvio […]

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