Voices from Timor-Leste Seminar and Simulation

Three days of intensive collaboration has come to an end – for now. Everyone agreed that both the seminar and the following simulation were successful, and that there lies a lot of potential in developing the concept further. Below are a few voices about the three days.

A big thank you to everyone who took part in the seminar and made this a meaningful event – the students; the speakers; the audience; the organising, teaching and technical staff.

  • You can find photos from the seminar, simulation, and concluding discussion on flickr.
  • You can find the recorded streams from all three days here.

flinders4“I think it has been terrific! I’m no content expert on Timor-Leste, but it all sounded interesting. And it seemed to me that the students were really engaged. Regarding the tech and learning elements its been really interesting to see how you can stretch how people interact with it. The technique really enabled things today – we pushed some new boundaries.”
– Colin Carati, Acting Director of the Centre for Educational ICT and Executive Director at Flinders University.

“The students were very committed to their groups – I basically just saw them grab lunch in between news flashes and briefings – and that for me was the first side of success. They seemed to have fun! It was also nice to see that we actually can do this at Flinders – offer more engaged learning – that we have the support for something like this.”
– Susanne Schech, Professor in the School of International Studies at Flinders University.

“When I read about the topic I was intrigued by the way it was going to be done – the simulation, the online thing – making it possible to integrate people from all over the world. It seemed especially relevant in relation to a topic like this one. I think I learned so much more compared to the lecture format.”
– Emma White, Student at Flinders University, Master of Accounting.

“With regard to the technology we had to make efforts to open up for the online participant in our group and include him. It wasn’t difficult or so, but we had to be conscious about that. Overall I think it worked very well with Skype – it’s easy, I have an account of my own. It would have been great to have more than one student online though, to have a better balance”
– Robyn Sleigh, Student at University of Adelaide, Bachelor International Studies/Art.

“I think it’s been very exciting and inspiring to be here. What we did today with the hypothetical is really something out of the ordinary. As a teacher you have to step out of the box. Being attentive to the onliners and including them in the process is for example very crucial.”
– Kathrine Winkelhorn, Project Coordinator, The Glocal Classroom, Malmö University.

By Ulrica Kristhammar. This text was originally posted on Glocal Classroom



Timor-Leste – Challenges of a New State in the Asian Century’ 

The Flinders University contribution to the Glocal Classroom takes the form of an academic topic/seminar on Timor-Leste.  This is a young state, geographically close to Australia, and situated within a global context known as the Asian Century. See the full programme here: Flinders Glocal Classroom programme

The seminar will explore a range of issues affecting Timor-Leste, the youngest state in Asia, within a context of rapid economic growth and social transformation in the Asian region. Facilitated by presenters drawn from Flinders University and partner universities, you will learn about themes that cut across international relations and international development, including:

  • the developmental state and its role in shaping the nation;
  • the role of international development institutions;
  • political and economic relations between Timor-Leste and key states including Australia, Indonesia, China & USA;
  • Timor-Leste’s economy and reliance on oil resources in the context of contested maritime borders;
  • development issues in post-conflict situations (reconstruction of infrastructure, rapid population growth, reintegration of guerrilla fighters, under-employment, community tensions)

When and How?

The seminar is offered as a two-day summer intensive over 24-25 November 2014, to postgraduate students and interested upper level undergraduate students. Everything will be live-streamed globally, and will be interactive, as an experiment in ‘global education.’ On-campus and distance students, Flinders academics and international guest speakers will all participate in the Intensive in real time. Students will work through self-guided learning reading and learning exercises on FLO six weeks prior to the Intensive.

Students and other guests who wish to take part in some aspects of the seminar as guests will be able to do so via the Glocal Classroom LIVE page.

Please consider joining us in person or online!

More Information

For more information, look here.

You can also contact susanne.schech@flinders.edu.au if you want to know more about this exciting intensive.

For Teaching and Technical Staff at the Glocal Classroom Partner Universities

On 26 November, 9.30–12.30, directly following the two-day intensive, there will be a half-day workshop on the convergence pedagogy employed for the workshop. This will review the lessons learnt from the Glocal Classroom process,  and discussion on the way forward from there.

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Image-1-3On 5 November, ComDev’s Oscar Hemer launched the concluding novel of the Argentina trilogy, Misiones, which he has been working on since 1997. The official launch took place at K3, the School of Arts and Communication.

– It was with great joy that I returned to writing fiction after having spent a couple of year writing on my PhD dissertation Fiction and Truth in Transition : Writing the present past in South Africa and Argentina, Oscar said during the launch.

Alongside Misiones, the entire trilogy is launched as an e-book and can be purchased here.

“The Argentina – trilogy, focusing on Malmö and the Rio de la Plata, portrays a certain zeitgeist and mood of the time just before and after the turn of the century. It is a significant achievement, unprecedented in Swedish contemporary literature by both challenging the boundaries of the novel and in describing a small piece of Swedish contemporary history that have not been explored in literature before.”

From Thomas Hylland Eriksen’s afterword to Misiones

In Swedish:

misionesMED KARAKTERISTISK FÖRENING av lätt ironi och blodigt allvar knyter Oscar Hemer i Misiones samman de tematiska trådarna i sin Argentinatrilogi (Cosmos & Aska, 2000; Santiago, 2007).

Året är 2018, ett lågskaligt världskrig pågår med epicentrum i Centralasien, den interkontinentala flygtrafiken har upphört och flyktingar och lycksökare färdas återigen sjövägen från den gamla till den nya världen och från norra till södra halvklotet. Medan Europa sjunkit allt djupare i sin självbespeglande söndring så har Argentina brutit sin onda cirkel och ser ut att äntligen förverkliga sin enorma potential.

Cosmos och Aska, alias Ernst och Cenice, återförenas i Buenos Aires och ger sig ut på en resa för att finna sin försvunna dotter Elena. Till Argentina och närmare bestämt svenskbyn Oberá i provinsen Misiones, kommer också romanens berättare, på spåret av en fantastisk hemlighet.


Samtidigt med Misiones utkommer Argentinatrilogin som helhet i en volym som e‐bok. ISBN: 978-91-637-6845-3 (Epub) Recensionsexemplar av e‐boken kan rekvireras genom författaren: oscar.hemer@mah.se


The Quality Project report

by Rebecca Bengtsson November 4, 2014 ComDev

In the first round of evaluations by the Swedish Board of Higher Education, the master’s programme in Communication for Development (ComDev) at Malmö University was one of the few education programmes that obtained the highest mark (very high quality). In recognition of this achievement, Malmö University was in 2013 granted a special “quality award” amounting […]

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ComDev alumnus Shahriar Khonsari exhibits photographs in Finland

by Rebecca Bengtsson October 24, 2014 Alumni

Last year, Shahriar Khonsari completed his MA in Communication for Development at Malmö University. ComDev’s Tobias Denskus took Shahriar’s current exhibition in Helsinki as an opportunity to catch up with him and the work he is doing on Afghan refugees in Iran.  Tell us a little bit about the background of your work.  – For the last ten years […]

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New ComDev Alumni group on Facebook!

by Rebecca Bengtsson October 24, 2014 Alumni

We’ve set up an official ComDev Alumni group on Facebook, feel free to join us on this link!  

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Call for Papers: #comunicambio 2015

by Rebecca Bengtsson October 1, 2014 Call for papers

Universitat Jaume I in Castellón, Spain, is organizing an international congress under the name #comunicambio on 20–22 May 2015. The congress targets research in communication for social change, and particularly the communicative trends of social movements that have been springing up in recent years. Ørecomm participant Thomas Tufte is one of the many interesting speakers that already have been confirmed for the event. Online submission […]

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Live from Voice and Matter – the Glocal Conference on Communication for Development

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Voice and Matter is the fourth annual Communication for Development event arranged by Ørecomm, this year merged with Roskilde University’s biannual scientific conference, Sunrise. The 4 day event is a mixture of academic conference and cultural festival, open to anyone with an interest in the relationship between media, communication and social change. Is gaining voice […]

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Welcome to ComDev!

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Next week it’s time to kick off the semester and we are happy to welcome so many new students to the programme! This autumn will start of with a course in media, globalisation and development where students will study globalisation and its impact on society. For this course the new students will be joined by […]

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#voiceandmatter: 4 weeks to go!

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This year’s Ørecomm Festival, Voice & Matter is drawing close – 17 to 20 September will be interesting days. With little more than four weeks to go, as many as 50 speakers from 20 different countries are confirmed. Almost 30 speakers have been accepted to present papers during the conference, and we are happy to announce that abstracts and bios now are […]

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