MAH_logotype_english_originalNext week it’s time to kick off the semester and we are happy to welcome so many new students to the programme! This autumn will start of with a course in media, globalisation and development where students will study globalisation and its impact on society. For this course the new students will be joined by our students starting their second semester.

We also welcome back the second year students who will spend this semester emerge themselves in the study of new media, ICT and development followed by a course in research methodology.

We are excited to start our new course in Advances in Communication for Development where 40 students will enhance their skills and deepen their knowledge around the use of strategic media and communication interventions used in international development cooperation. 

If you can’t wait for next week to come, here are a few tips for you to check out over the weekend:

square6The Glocal Classroom
Is a ComDev project where we work with four universities on four continents to build a global platform for collaboration and interchange in web-based learning. It started in Stellenbosch, South Africa in March 2014, before continuing in Guelph, Canada, in May 2014. In September the Glocal Classroom will come to Malmö, Sweden and the project will conclude at Flinders University in Adelaide, Australia, in November. Be sure to visit the blog for updates on the seminars, interviews with participants on the project and other news!

Ørecomm Centre for Glocal Change
Is a cross-border centre run by researchers from Malmö University and Roskilde University aiming at establishing a transnational centre of excellence in the field of ComDev research. Ørecomm is the organiser of the annual Ørecomm Festival, which this year is titled Voice&Matter. ComDev staff is an active part of Ørecomm and in 2014/2015 engaged in the Critical Perspectives project.

Voice_&_Matter_2014_posterVoice&Matter (Ørecomm Festival)
This year’s festival is a mixture of academic conference and cultural festival, open to anyone with an interest in the relationship between media, communication and social change. This year the festival is joining forces with Roskilde University’s biannual scientific conference, Sunrise. 

The festival is also the first seminar of the semester for the ComDev students and amongst the speakers are Faye Ginsburg, Thomas Hylland Eriksen and Sheela Patel. It’s a great opportunity to meet your fellow students and network with academics in the field, so if you  live in the Malmö/Copenhagen area we recommend you to attend the festival in person. Full programme and more about the speakers can be found here.

Glocal Times: the ComDev Open Journal
In 2005 we established Glocal Times, an indispensable digital reference and a vid forum for the discussion and dissemination of issues concerning communication for development and social change. We frequently publish alumni articles and we encourage our graduates to submit articles based on their degree projects for publication. The latest issue was published in June 2014 and engages with communication for development from a threefold perspective: as a field of study, as professional practice and as an institutional project.

Aidnography-Eclectic mix of reflections on development, communication, anthropology and academia
ComDev’s Tobias Denskus regularly blogs as aidnography; regular reviews of interesting digital content and book reviews are complemented by reflections on the aid industry, for example onvolunteering, the ‘corporatisation’ of aid, the globalisation of SWEDOW-sending Stuff We Don’t Want to ‘poor people‘ and much more.

Your ComDev Studies
To find out more about your lecturers for the coming years, visit the Staff section on the Portal and be sure to join the conversation on Facebook and Twitter. Looking forward meeting all of you in the course of next week!


ComDev students and lecturers at the Ørecomm Festival in September 2013.

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V&M_2014_flyer.inddThis year’s Ørecomm Festival, Voice & Matter is drawing close – 17 to 20 September will be interesting days. With little more than four weeks to go, as many as 50 speakers from 20 different countries are confirmed.

Almost 30 speakers have been accepted to present papers during the conference, and we are happy to announce that abstracts and bios now are available on the website. Browse through the interesting collection of presentations here.

Latest confirmations include Francis B. Nyamnjoh, Professor of Anthropology at the University of Cape Town, South Africa. Read more about his work and our other keynotes here.

For more updates, check the latest version of the programme.

Last but not least, don’t forget to register! Last day for registration is 7 September 2014.

We are looking very much forward to four intensive days, dedicated to the theory and practice of Communication for Development. We hope to see you there!

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Issue No. 20 of the Glocal Times can be read in full here.

Nine months have passed since the publication of Issue No. 19 of Glocal Times, and in the meantime there has been plenty of activity within the field. To mention but a few examples: in November 2013, the Second Nordic Conference for Development Knowledge “Knowing Development – Developing Knowledge?”, held in Finland, included a Working Group on Communication for Development chaired by Hilde Arntsen that looked into the practice of communication of development and social change in a critical vein. In May 2014, the University of Sheffield in the UK hosted the conference Media and Governance in Latin America: Exploring the role of communication for development. On the publishing front, the Handbook of Development Communication and Social Change, edited by Thomas Tufte and Karin Wilkins with Rafael Obregón, has just been released. Pradip Thomas has recently published a chapter entitled “Theorizing Development, Communication and Social Change” in the collection Communication Theories in a Multicultural World, and Martin Scott has just written Media and Development. Malmö University’s Master’s program in Communication for Development in turn has been busy with the Glocal Classroom project and preparations for the Voice & Matter conference, to be held in September of this year, arranged by Ørecomm.   

Amidst what may be described as a flurry of activity, Issue No. 20 of Glocal Times once again engages with communication for development from a threefold perspective: as a field of study, as professional practice and as an institutional project.

Three articles speak to the richness of the field of study. To begin with, Poul Erik Nielsen exemplifies and discusses the challenge of how to investigate the technological, financial, political and socio-cultural dynamics behind the development of ‘locally specific’ but ‘globally influenced’ media environments, with an eye to the link between individual and collective appropriations of the media available in specific scenarios. Next, two recent graduates from Malmö University’s Master’s program in Communication for Development introduce their respective theses. Charlotte Jenner investigates audience engagement with the novel audiovisual media genre of interactive web documentary. Combining the use of surveys, individual semi-structured interviews and focus groups, Jenner identifies modes of, and barriers to, engagement among audience samples from Norway, Sweden and the UK. Pearl Jones studies the role of the visual arts and of film among North Korean defectors/refugees. Jones explores visual representation from the combined perspective of production and consumption, supplementing her interpretation of the cases selected with interviews to artists and questionnaires to audiences.

Two articles consider varieties of the professional practice of communication for development. Gareth Benest walks us through the process of facilitating a capacity-building program in participatory video in Myanmar (Burma) and shares his reflections on the experience, which constituted the first venture into the country of InsightShare, an organization based in the UK that specializes in the use of participatory video for community development. Nubia Rojas starts from an interview with filmmaker Joshua Oppenheimer, the director of the documentary “The Act of Killing”, and considers the film’s impact in the process of social change taking place in Indonesia.

Last but not least, an article contributed by two members of the Communication for Development Team of the Food and Agriculture Organization introduces us to the Team’s goals and activities for 2014, declared by the United Nations International Year of Family Farming. Here, communication for development as an institutional project comes into view.

We hope that you will find this new issue of Glocal Times both informative and thought-provoking, and we welcome your views on the matters raised here, and your suggestions for future issues.

By Florencia Enghel, editor of Glocal Times

ComDev IPID Seminar in Malmö – Wednesday 11 June

by Hugo Boothby June 2, 2014 Uncategorized

On Wednesday 11 June  The Communication for Development Masters Programme at Malmö University will hold a joint seminar in collaboration with the International Network for Postgraduate Students in the area of ICT4D (IPID). This afternoon seminar takes place at the School of Arts and Communication in Malmö and will be held in conjunction with the Degree Project Examinations […]

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ComDev students to Guelph for Glocal Classroom seminar

by Rebecca Bengtsson May 14, 2014 ComDev

A number of travel grants, targeted to students at the Communication for Development master’s programme at Malmö University, were announced for the up-coming Guelph Seminar. We are now happy to announce that ComDev students Antonio Palazuelos, Nora Wegner and Seija Anttonen will join us in Guelph. We are looking forward to your participation! “This is […]

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Joint ComDev and Glocal Classroom seminar:22 – 23 May, University of Guelph, Canada

by Rebecca Bengtsson May 5, 2014 ComDev

Guelph Seminar 22 -23 May, 2014 Communication for Social and Environmental Change – a two day seminar This seminar is part of the Glocal Classroom seminar series and will take place at University of Guelph, Canada. If you’re unable to attend in person, this seminar will be broadcast on ComDev Live as per usual. To interact with us during […]

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New Book: The Handbook of Development Communication and Social Change

by Rebecca Bengtsson April 28, 2014 ComDev

”The Handbook of Development Communication and Social Change” – previously mentioned here – is now out. Ørecomm co-director Thomas Tufte, Professor Karin Gwinn Wilkins, University of Texas, and Rafael Obregon, Chief of Communication for Development at UNICEF New York – three high profiles in the field – have made an impressive effort to provide an up-to-date overview […]

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Ørecomm Festival 2014: Call for abstracts

by Rebecca Bengtsson April 15, 2014 Call for papers

Voice and Matter is the fourth annual Communication for Development conference arranged by Ørecomm – Centre for Communication and Glocal Change, this year merged with Roskilde University’s biannual scientific conference, Sunrise. The conference aims to explore the dynamic relationship – and possible convergence – between voice and matter in the context of communication for development theory and practice. Read the full Concept […]

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Joint ComDev and Glocal Classroom seminar: 22 – 23 May, University of Guelph, Canada

by Mikael Rundberg April 12, 2014 Live Lecture

Click this link to login into Live Lecture Your browser does not support iframes. Thursday 22 May 09:00 – 10:30: Session 1 Welcome and introductions Chair: Lynne Mitchell, Director, Center for International Programmes Serge Desmarais, Vice-President Academic, University of Guelph Hans Lindquist, Pro Vice-Chancellor, Malmö University Objectives of the Glocal Classroom and Overview of the Guelph […]

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ComDev alumni interviews: Erliza Lopez Pedersen

by Rebecca Bengtsson April 10, 2014 Alumni

Erliza Lopez Pedersen graduated from ComDev in June 2013 and in addition to her ComDev degree she has a Master of Arts in English. Erliza is the first doctoral candidate in Communication for Development at Malmö University. – The ComDev programme is, in my opinion, in a league of its own. The seminars provide wide-ranging […]

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