Live Tuesday, 24 May, 13:00 Swedish Time (11 AM UTC) and in Live Lecture for Comdev students 

With Anders Høg Hansen and Birgitte Jallov

In what ways can community radio spark social change?

This web seminar will cover the aspects of community radio, discuss why information matters and how the voices of the community relates to development, with examples from Tanzania, Laos and Myanmar (Burma).

The seminar is based on the bachelor thesis ”A path less travelled – A qualitative study of media, participation and democracy in Shan state civil society, Myanmar (Burma)” by Fredrik Åkerberg, and part of the Media and Communication Studies programme at Malmö University. The data for the thesis was collected during a Minor Field Study in Myanmar during spring 2016 and aimed to explore how parts of civil society relates to media processes in a period of transition.

Moderator: Fredrik Åkerberg

WulffAnthropologistComDev professor Oscar Hemer contributed a chapter to an new anthology “The Anthropologist as Writer: Genres and Contexts in the Twenty-First Century” which was just published by Berghahn books:

“Writing is crucial to anthropology, but which genres are anthropologists expected to master in the 21st century? This book explores how anthropological writing shapes the intellectual content of the discipline and academic careers. First, chapters identify the different writing genres and contexts anthropologists actually engage with. Second, this book argues for the usefulness and necessity of taking seriously the idea of writing as a craft and of writing across and within genres in new ways. Although academic writing is an anthropologist’s primary genre, they also write in many others, from drafting administrative texts and filing reports to composing ethnographically inspired journalism and fiction.”

Oscar’s chapter, “The Writer as Anthropologist”, continues his work between fiction writing, ethnography and broader reflections on communicating research in non-traditional ways.

You can read editor’s Helena Wulff’s introduction for more information on the book and contributors.

225px-Flinders_University_logoIn a continuation of previous collaboration around the ‘Glocal Classroom‘, ComDev’s teaching team, led by Mikael Rundberg in Adelaide as well as Ronald Stade and Oscar Hemer in Malmö will be co-facilitating a 4-day Intensive teaching module using educational ICTs to bring on-campus and distance students together in a ‘blended classroom’. The event is organized by long-term ComDev collaborator Professor Susanne Schech at the School of History and International Relations.

The topic, Timor-Leste: Challenges of a new state in the Asian century, aims to equip students with the skills that enable them to perform professionally and socially in an international and multicultural context, as well as building discipline knowledge in international relations and international development. The topic centres on an Intensive held on the Flinders campus in Adelaide, Australia, which distance students participate in real time using educational ICTs including Skype, Flinders Learning Online (FLO), live-streamed video and chat. Central to the learning experience is participation in a synchronous in-person and online conference and simulation.

ComDev students will be able to join the conference and policy simulation; the conference will also be live-streamed and you can contact Micke for additional details.

The full conference program is available here: Timor Leste conference program and will take place on 19-20 April from 7.30-11.30 Swedish time.

Inaugural issue of Conflict and Society journal

by Tobias Denskus March 17, 2016 Comdev News

Organized violence—war, armed revolt, genocide, lynching, targeted killings, torture, routine discrimination, terrorism, trauma, and suffering—is a daily reality for some, while for others it is a sound bite or a news clip seen in passing and easily forgotten. Rigorous scholarly research of the social and cultural conditions of organized violence, its genesis, dynamic, and impact, […]

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Apply for ComDev’s autumn 2016 courses from 15 March-15 April!

by Tobias Denskus March 15, 2016 Alumni

Dear all, These are exciting times at ComDev! As the spring application window for ComDev programs and courses opens from 15 March – 15 April we have great educational opportunities lined up for you! First, the second round to apply to our flagship two-year part-time MA in Communication for Development is now open! You can […]

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New MEDEA VOX podcast on Extremist Communication

by Tobias Denskus March 3, 2016 Uncategorized

Our media and communication colleagues just launched as new podcast program as part of their Medea platform. The first episode of Medea Vox discusses how political extremists use the internet and social media to promote their cause: Today we’re going to approach the topic of online communication from a different angle, thinking through the propaganda […]

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The Seeds Have Bloomed: The 4th ‘Women 100’ movement newsletter is out!

by Tobias Denskus February 1, 2016 Uncategorized

Since 2013 the movement Women 100 (Hundred Years of Immigrant Women’s Life and Work in Malmö) has tried to make visible and recognize immigrant women’s life and work in Malmö. The fourth newsletter (No 2 2015) is out now! A collection that in hardcopy size resembles a small book (a pdf version is available). The […]

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Welcome to the ComDev spring semester 2016!

by Tobias Denskus December 17, 2015 Uncategorized

Dear ComDev students! Thank you for choosing to study Communication for Development at Malmö University-and welcome (back) to our course! We just updated the Course Start Guide Spring 2016 and you will find important information regarding registration for the programme and key dates for your course introductions. The course start guide provides with the most […]

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Analysing Media Ethnography: Nordic-Kenyan PhD seminar, 15-18 March 2016

by Tobias Denskus December 12, 2015 Uncategorized

Call for Participants Analysing Media Ethnography– Exploring Ethnographic Inquiry and Analysis in Media and Communication Research Nordic-Kenyan PhD seminar, 15 – 18 March 2016 Course Description The PhD seminar is designed to give a hands-on approach to the analysis of ethnographic field material within media and communication studies. The course will provide an opportunity for […]

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Current affairs talk on Israel-Palestine with ComDev alumna Rebecca Bengtsson

by Tobias Denskus October 23, 2015 Uncategorized

The ComDev team took the opportunity to catch up with alumna and former staff member Rebecca Bengtsson, Communications Officer with the Temporary International Presence in Hebron. Tobias Denskus and about 20 students discussed the current situation in Israel and Palestine, including the challenges of C4D work in the context of an international observer mission, the […]

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