Testimonials: Jason Hallman

by Richard Topgaard on August 10, 2010

in Alumni

Jason HallmanJason Hallman of the USA worked with public arts management in California and in the education department of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum before being hired as a commissioning editor for an independent scholarly publishing company in the U.S. He’s been living in Johannesburg, South Africa, since 2009 where he consults with local and international NGOs on community media, knowledge management and participatory processes.

“In addition to allowing me to become conversant with sophisticated contemporary debates about the future of development, I also really appreciate my fieldwork experience. For my final project I received a generous grant from the City of Malmö, which enabled me to work with participatory media and storytelling as means to better understand that struggles of social inclusion among marginalized youth in Sweden. I am continuing to explore how my ComDev education will inform my ‘real world’ practice, but in my brief time in South Africa I have been able to see the direct benefits of both my course work and my final project. Even though the course (now becoming a programme) was not entirely practical in nature, its emphasis on important debates around the theorization of culture, discourse, and development itself has given me a very useful orientation as I continue to explore.”

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