Testimonials: Jordi de Miguel Capell

by Richard Topgaard on August 10, 2010

in Alumni

Jordi de Miguel CapellJordi de Miguel Capell lives in Barcelona, Spain, where he works as a journalist and community manager for Fundación Hazloposible, an organization whose main goal is to use new technologies to promote participation and interaction among NGOs, communicators, journalists and citizens.

“Having worked in the field of development for many years, I was able to learn about communication and development theories through ComDev without losing focus of the difficulties of applying them in practice. It helped me to approach the issue of development from a post-colonialist perspective, and challenged some of my perceptions, forcing me to see social change in a different light. Participating in the ComDev masters course also gave me the wonderful opportunity of sharing experiences with inspiring students coming from diverse countries, cultures and backgrounds. Both the methodology of the programme and the technical support helped to make it possible, as, despite the distances, collective participation was actively promoted. Through my project, I gained a lot of knowledge from people engaged in social change who do not know about “communication for development” but rather, about human needs. It was a great way of testing the different methodologies and approaches that I had been learning about.”

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