Communication for Development: Advances in Social Action, Planning and Evaluation Literature List

December 17, 2015

Advances in ComDev: Social Action, Planning and Evaluation Literature List

Enghel, Florencia & Karin Wilkins (eds.) (2012). Communication, Media and Development : Problems and Perspectives. Nordicom Review vol. 33/Glocal Times, issue 17/18

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Ramirez, Ricardo & Dal Brodhead (2013). Utilization Focused Evaluation : A primer for evaluators. Penang: Southbound
Available online

Wilkins, Karin. Tufte, Thomas and Obregon, Rafael (eds.) (2014) The Handbook of Development Communication and Social Change. Oxford: Wiley-Blackwel


Chapter 4, Wilkins, Karin (2014) Advocacy Communication pp. 58 – 71

Chapter 10, Wasiboard, Silvo (2014) The Strategic Politics of Participatory Communication pp.147 – 167

Chapter 17, McKnee, Neil. Becker-Benton and Bockh, Emily (2014) Social and Behaviour Change Communication pp. 279 – 297

Please note: The Hand Book in Development Communication is available as an online resource through the Malmö University library
Suggested additional and thematic readings will be announced at the beginning of the course