Media, Globalization and Development KK620C – Literature List Autumn 2017

June 19, 2017

Below is the list of course literature for the the course Media, Globalization and Development (KK620C).

When the course starts in September you will find suggestions for some additional readings on the It’s Learning course site. The MGD course is divided into two parts Globalisation and Communication (part 1) and Culture and Development (part 2). 

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There is additional information for ComDev students here regarding the library resources.

Module 1. Globalization and Communication:

*Castells, Manuel (2015). Networks of Outrage and Hope: Social Movements in the Internet Age. Oxford: Polity.

Couldry, Nick and Hepp, Andreas (2016) The Mediated Construction of Reality. Cambridge: Polity.

Eriksen, Thomas Hylland (2014). Globalization: The Key Concepts, 2nd and Revised Edition. New York: Bloomsbury. (2007 edition available as Ebook)

*Fraser, Nancy, and Nash, Kate. (eds) (2014) Transnationalizing the Public Sphere, Cambridge: Polity Press, 2014

Gilroy, Paul (2004) After Empire: Melancholia or Convivial Culture? Oxon: Routledge.

*Howard, Philip N. (2013). Castells and the Media: Theory and Media. London: Wiley.

*Manyozo, Linje (2012) Media, Communication and Development: Three Approaches. New Delhi: Sage.

Mattoni, Alice and Treré, Emiliano (2014) Media Practices, Mediation Processes, and Mediatization in the Study of Social Movements Communication Theory 24 (2014) pp. 252–271

*Tufte, Thomas (2017) Communication and Social Change: A Citizen Perspective. Cambridge Polity


Module 2. Culture and Development:

Bhavnani , Kum-Kum. Foran, John. Kurian, Priya A. Munshi, Debashish (Eds) (2016) Feminist Futures: Reimagining Women, Culture and Development. London: Zed.

*Clammer, John (2012). Culture, Development and Social Theory: Towards an Integrated Social  Development. London: Zed.

Hemer, Oscar (2012). Fiction and Truth in Transition: Writing the present past in South Africa and Argentina. Berlin: Lit Verlag (will be made available as electronic resource on course site).

*Lewis, David; Rodgers, Dennis & Michael Woolcock (2014) Popular Representations of Development: Insights from novels, films. television and social media. London: Routledge

*McEwan, Cheryl (2009). Postcolonialism and Development. London: Routledge.

*Pieterse, Jan Nederveen (2009). Development Theories: deconstructions / reconstructions. (2nd edition). London: Sage

Pieterse, Jan Nederveen (2017) Multipolar Globalization: Emerging Economies and Development.

Roberts, J. Timmons. Hite, Amy Bellone. Chorev, Nitsan (Eds)(2015) The Globalization and Development Reader: Perspectives on Development and Global Change, 2nd Edition. Chichester: Wiley

*Scott, Martin (2014). Media and Development. London: Zed Books Selected chapters: Introduction + Chapter 6 Media Coverage of the Global South: Who Cares?

*These books are available as ebooks through the Malmö University library system