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Ending a project

June 20, 2012

This project came to an end December 31st 2012. During my 9,5 work months 2009-2012 I have done many things, see work log where you see that my primary role has been to: create knowledge om triple helix, focusing collaboration industry-academy, and present it mostly within Medea and Media Evolution be open for contacts from […]

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Understanding collaboration academy, business and government for innovation

January 13, 2012

The triple helix thesis is an important basis for innovation that the European Union supports. Starting point for the triple helix thesis, or the knowledge triangle as it is also called, is that collaboration between academia, industry and government is a good precondition for fostering innovation (Etzkowitz, 2002; Etzkowitz and Leydesdorff, Lissenburgh and Harding, 2000). […]

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Meaningful communication of results

October 18, 2011

During these years (started August 2009) I have included communication as an important aspect of both understanding innovation and accomplishing some kind of collaborative knowledge production on the matter. Starting the project I tried to explore as many communication possibilities as I could: participating in conversation wherever I could, and was allowed and welcomed to. […]

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Research ethics

September 30, 2011

In academic research, ethics is an important part of the work conducted. There are several books and articles on the matter. In Sweden one important guideline for research ethics comes from the Swedish Research Council. This project is one part of MMSS1 FoU focusing on a study of local participatory innovation practices. Here I have […]

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Approaching the ‘co’

March 2, 2011

This project has a lot to do with ‘co’ as it being placed at MEDEA, a centre of co-production, and its focus on media, innovation and participation. In this text I will think a bit about the ‘co’ and its link to Mode 2 research. New knowledge production refers to a novel way of scientific […]

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Why this project exist

February 23, 2011

The question why is always interesting and hard at the same time. Why does this project exist? Why on earth put one researcher on studying local participatory innovation practices? Why? Answering this question on project relevance I will use the words of Helga Nowotny, Peter Scott and Michael Gibbons: Reliable knowledge can become socially robust […]

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