Can We Trust What We See?

Manipulation of images is a big problem in the news. If photographers and journalists edit their images, how do we know that what they are representing is truthful? In my thesis I discussed the importance of news and press images being as truthful as possible when published to the audience as well as the issue of post-processing when it comes to news and press images. The paper aimed to investigate different ways press images were being manipulated and how the social constructions we as a society have, could potentially affect the way we perceive and image and how journalists choose to use this ‘weakness’ in order to produce a photograph that is interesting to the public.

In order to prove that the representation of an image can be distorted, even by making the smallest changes to an image. I have chosen four images, some of which are edited, some of which are untouched, with an aim to adhere to the social conceptions I believe the public would have. The main aim for this project is to see whether or not the audience can tell which of the images is/are not manipulated. The reason for this is to try to show how difficult it can be to tell whether an image is ‘real’ or not which could potentially make the audience rethink how much trust they put into news and press images and conclude then that post-processing is in fact an issue.

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