I spy with my little eye – a picture book about our eyes by Lizette Andersson

This is a picture book about screens. However, it’s not really about technology as much as it is about our own bodies’ screening system, namely our eyes. As human beings, we find ourselves today in a world that revolves around screens. Everyday activities depend on us using them, and over the years, we have become really good at it. Not only have we learnt how to master screen technology; we also live through them.

Of the five human senses, vision is considered the most important one. We need our eyes to see what is in front of us so that we won’t be run over or eaten, yes, absolutely. However, the question needs to be asked whether we really need them for the things we cannot see to begin with. For her bachelor’s thesis, Lizette Andersson studied meaning-making practices of visual cues during Live music performance, a mixture of the most immaterial art forms in the world.

What became clear was that to interact with the thing itself, the music, vision is not crucial. On the contrary, the really important thing about vision seems to concern all those other things that surround the thing. If vision is removed, the total experience can lead to feelings of solitude, insecurity, and even anger. On the other hand, the study also demonstrates that sometimes, vision can be a hindrance. On those occasions, the thing needs undivided attention. The only problem is, in the midst of all these screens, giving to someone or something your undivided attention has become increasingly difficult.

Inspired by stories told by the participants in the study, but also friends and family, this picture book forms a collection of fun ways to think about living together as seeing beings, and why it matters.

Happy reading!

Click on this link for a full PDF version of I spy with my little eye

Click on this link for a full PDF version of Lizette Andersson’s bachelor’s thesis What is that Sound?