Video of the Week: Digital Divides

By Marc Greber

Mark Graham from the Oxford Internet Institute talks about the Digital Gap and the content created IN and ABOUT the developing world.

Themes covered:

3:00 – geographies of knowledge

5:00 – knowledge production

9:00 – google maps

14:00 – gender gaps in literacy

22:00 – geolinguistic mapping

33:00 – production of wikipedia articles

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  1. Seija Anttonen

    Thank you for posting this thought provoking video! I feel more discussion on the digital gap on both the terms of access and representation is crucial for development. Most of the ICT4D projects etc. interventions focus on creating and facilitating better access for people in the developing world, but what is often completely forgotten is how these digital gaps shape and have shaped our knowledge and understanding also in the Western world.

    If the knowledge creation is mainly done by and from the West, reflecting the Western views rather than the views of the places they are about, the ‘bubble’ is even more impenetrable than one would first think. In addition, Graham’s demonstration on e.g. the geographical and linguistical distribution of research entries and Wikipedia, reveals how knowledge creation is very much affected by power relations. These points are often forgotten when discussing ICT4D, and they give a whole new dimension on whose voices gets heard in the world.