Mar 15

Sharing valuable voices: Community Digital Storytelling

By Seija Anttonen

Sharing their experiences in using participatory media for development, CARE International in Vietnam has recently published an excellent report on Community Digital Storytelling (CDST) – a method they use to engage with especially the most vulnerable communities to get their voices heard.

A variation of ‘digital storytelling’, Community Digital Storytelling is a participatory development approach that focuses on collaboratively created group stories, which can be used specifically to improve programming and policy in a development context.

“Such stories not only help us understand the diversity of this dynamic country, but can also inform important development decisions that impact the people whose stories most need to be heard.”

CARE in Vietnam has used the method as part of their community-based project to support vulnerable communities in the Mekong Delta Region, to adapt to emerging climate change effects and to improve their climate resilience. CARE International has also published ‘CDST Guidelines’ for the basis of training and support on the approach. Continue reading →