Mar 15

Radio Deseo, the voice of freedom desire in Bolivia

By Irene Salas

Mujeres Creando

By making you dinner, by making your bed, I stopped wanting to make love to you. Mujeres Creando.

Keving Howley defines community media as a “grassroots or locally oriented media access initiatives on a profound sense of dissatisfaction with mainstream media form and content, dedicated to the principles of free expression and participatory democracy, and commitment to enhancing community relations and promoting community solidarity”.[i]

In his book Community Media: People, Places, and Communication Technologies (2012), he illustrates how this alternative mechanisms of expression managed by grassroots / common citizens have allowed the creation of spaces for contestation, resistance and exchange generating a “strategy for progressive social change” through participatory horizontal practices that promote a more democratic communication and local autonomy, responding to concrete needs and concerns of local communities.[ii]

Among the institutions he presents as community media case studies in the USA[iii], moving south in the map I want to introduce you to the Bolivian community radio Radio Deseo (Radio Desire).

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