Mar 15

Women and the media in Vietnam

By Seija Anttonen

Some of the key questions related to media and development is whose voice gets heard, and also how different groups are represented in different media. These representations have a lot of power in either changing of preserving the cultural landscape and shared values. Women are generally viewed as a group deserving special attention in this regard, and many efforts have been made in practically all sectors to enhance both the access of women as ‘producers’ of media content and how women are represented in different media.

As part of the year-long UN Campaign ‘Empowering Women – Empowering Humanity’ that celebrates 20 years of implementing the Beijing Platform for Actions, UN Women has produced a video to provide an overview on gender equality in the media in Vietnam:

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Mar 15

Radio Deseo, the voice of freedom desire in Bolivia

By Irene Salas

Mujeres Creando

By making you dinner, by making your bed, I stopped wanting to make love to you. Mujeres Creando.

Keving Howley defines community media as a “grassroots or locally oriented media access initiatives on a profound sense of dissatisfaction with mainstream media form and content, dedicated to the principles of free expression and participatory democracy, and commitment to enhancing community relations and promoting community solidarity”.[i]

In his book Community Media: People, Places, and Communication Technologies (2012), he illustrates how this alternative mechanisms of expression managed by grassroots / common citizens have allowed the creation of spaces for contestation, resistance and exchange generating a “strategy for progressive social change” through participatory horizontal practices that promote a more democratic communication and local autonomy, responding to concrete needs and concerns of local communities.[ii]

Among the institutions he presents as community media case studies in the USA[iii], moving south in the map I want to introduce you to the Bolivian community radio Radio Deseo (Radio Desire).

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