Mar 15

New media and civic participation – Opportunities, risks and support

By Seija Anttonen

Different ways to get active

Over time, media and communication technologies have traditionally been defined by categorizing them through their technical features and capabilities, the contents they produce and the different media systems and/or institutions that govern them. In addition, the communication process itself has usually been viewed as separate from the methods and technology. New media blurs these traditional definitions both in the sense of remixing the traditional categories and how it blurs the line between media producers and consumers, often combining the roles of media designers and users.

In terms of participatory approaches, the emergence of new media has created new possibilities for citizens to use their voices and be in charge of producing own contents within and outside of the traditional media systems. Looking into the ways of using new media, Leah Lievrouw defines five different genres of alternative and activist new media through their chosen social domain, the forms of media they use and their purpose.

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