As part of a Masters in Communication For Development we are attempting to create a blog. This exercise will give us an insight into the use of blogs in discussions around development and the development industry.

The viewpoint of this blog is as follows:
Engaging with ‘international development’ is firmly embedded in online culture, digital media and communication approaches of every actor and sector in the aid industry. From expanded global journalistic coverage, to all aspects of organizational communication and an active global online ‘sounding board’, international development relies on digital communication. From blogging about organizational policy, to implememting a project using mobile phones or engaging in a global aid transparency platform, digital elements are ‘everywhere’ along the ‘aid chain’. Exploring practical initiatives and policies, new modalities of professionalism and critical, often ironic, contestations from the online sidelines are all aspects of the in-between between new and traditional forms of communicating (for) development.

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