skarmavbild-2016-10-15-kl-13-21-08After 10 years of working with communication for Swedish NGOs, I have taken professional leave to broaden and deepen my theoretical knowledge of how communication can be used for international development and social change. I am currently based partly in Tbilisi, Georgia, where I have found it extremely interesting to apply my skills in a South Caucasus context and learn from local colleagues. My academic background is a Master of Science in Media Technology and Engineering.



I am Sisil, 30 years old Syrian, living in Sweden.

My interest in development studies was sparked by my working experience with Action Against Hunger – an INGO based in Spain.

I am enthusiastic about delving into the world of development and humanitarian aid to enrich my knowledge and professional skills. I perceive ComDev studies as an interesting lens to see development through, as well as a promising area to bring a positive contribution to society.

Steven Slade

profile-pic My name is Steve and I am an Englishman who has been living in Malmö, Sweden for the past five years.

I have a background in Peace and Conflict Studies and Political Science and am particularly interested in conflict transformation and development through education, of which communication plays a big part.

Digital and new media forms of communication have almost unlimited potential in contributing to benefits for (what is still archaically called) the ‘developing world’ and to understand how these tools are applied and practiced is of great interest to me. I believe that how aid agencies and NGOs work with them needs to be approached critically but with a positive outlook in mind.


Filmmaker. Writer-director. Creative producer.