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There’s An App For Everything – Donations Made Easy

Even though there’s a lot of dark images being presented in media about xenophobia, racism and even neo-nazism there seems to be a rising willingness to help. In several countries, including Sweden, the UK and the US there have been … Continue reading

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Migrant Workers and Mobile Phones

Some time ago a post was circulating Facebook saying something like ‘Imagine if someone from the 50’s showed up today and we picked up our iPhones and said that -Look, we have the most amazing thing. It can fit in … Continue reading

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The Rohingya Migration – One Of ‘The Other’ Migration Crises

The ongoing migration crises around the world seem to be a never ending story. With the strong picture of a little boy laying on the shore near Bodrum in Turkey in September 2015 the global awareness of the crisis peaked, … Continue reading

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The Impact of President Trump’s travel ban.

You always see strange things in this world. These strange things maybe coming from normal individuals, or powerful persons from the countries leading the world. A person like President Donald Trump whose words are lawful or have immediate enforcement considering his … Continue reading

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