Mar 17

The importance of online Networking through social media

“Networking isn’t about how many people you have around your table, it’s about having the right people at your table and being able to classify your network is the most important” (Acumen, 2017).

The hard truth these days is that social media is crucial for the survival of every person in this world and everybody including those in the remote rural areas depend on it one way or another. Social media has changed the world in its ability to connect instantly with friends, family, and strangers alike and has transformed the way our relationships are shaped in all aspects of our life (Kevin Lewis, 2014) and it is worth mentioning that the beauty of social media is that social networking is borderless, opens opportunities for everybody to share and have unlimited access to information and moreover everyone is equal on the social network as no hierarchies are in place (Bill, 2010). Marketing your business, conveying your messages to your target audiences, getting employment opportunities and making simple personal relationships from local to global levels all depend on how well you are connected. This could be done through the many online networking tools, each being appropriate for particular area. The Major Social Networking Tools include the following, among others: Blogging, LinkedIn, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and YouTube.
We can take facebook as an example of one of the largest flexible social media for networking from simple chatting with your friends to creating pages and groups, using for causes and for news feeds. People, for example join Facebook to share information about themselves or as public relation tools to promote their organizations, mostly in an informal way compared to LinkedIn, which is more professional. The marvel of social media is that it naturally connects people who have similar interests around the world. You can easily reach your friends, and your friends’ friends and search former classmates and childhood friends. Continue reading →

Mar 17

Influence of new media on political changes in Africa

New media have made a quite big change in the world for the last few years from local grassroots to global international levels. It is used for social and political changes including regime changes through influencing electoral processes and people mobilization like the Arab Spring as wells as a “cause” for
particular situation such as “the save Darfur.” Thanks to the interconnection of electricity, cheaper access to internet and smartphones which have enabled the power to connect directly with friends, family members, and world citizens equally and has transformed the way relationships are formed and sustained and altered the very structure of our social fabric (Kevin Lewis, 2014).  Continue reading →

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