Feb 17

The Impact of President Trump’s travel ban.

You always see strange things in this world. These strange things maybe coming from normal individuals, or powerful persons from the countries leading the world. A person like President Donald Trump whose words are lawful or have immediate enforcement considering his influence of the world being the most powerful man is an issue of great interest to everybody. It was early January when Donald Trump, the newly elected president of the United States annouced the executive order ban of the citizens from 7 muslim countries to enter into the USA. This was part of his policy towards immigrants in the USA and the newcomers like Syrians fleeing from war, waiting to come to USA are mainly affected. Being an immigrant is not the choice of any body and back to the history every person in the US was an immigrant one time or another. Immigration is a global phenomena we have to acknowledge and it is not usually a negative but a positive contribution of knowledge, skills and cultural enrichment instead. Continue reading →

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