Fall 2018

November 8-9 – Third Annual RUCARR Conference
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November 13 – RUCARR/Caucasus Studies Web/campus seminar
Dr Emil Souleimanov,
Charles University, Prague: Research on the micro-dynamics of violence in the midst of North Caucasian diaspora communities.

December 5-6 – ‘Promoting International Dialogue and Protecting Cultural Heritage in the Caucasus’
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Spring/Summer 2018

February 27 – RUCARR and Caucasus Studies web & campus seminar
Dr. Aram Terzyan, guest researcher at GPS and Assistant Professor at Yerevan State University: Explaining the evolution of Armenia’s foreign policy.
When: February 27, 15.15–17. Where: Niagara building, 5th floor, Glocal Classroom.

March 13 – RUCARR seminar
Prof. Madina Tlostanova, Linköping University: Decolonizing knowledge, being and sensing: Caucasian resistance and re-existence.
When: March 13, 15.15–17. Where: Niagara building, 10th floor, seminar room.

April 19 – Book release on Parliamentary Elections in Russia

May 21 – RUCARR seminar
Dr. Minna Lundgren, Mid Sweden University: Abkhazia: migration, memories and contested belongings.
When: May 21, 15.15-17.

May 22 – One-day conference: Declarations of Independence in the Caucasus – 100 years
When: May 22, 09.30-16.15

July 6 –RUCARR på Almedalsveckan: Putins fjärde mandatperiod – och sedan då?
When: July 6, 14.00–15.20. (Almedalen)
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August 2 – LUPSRUSS Round Table/Focus group on Functional Variation (Ekaterinburg, Russia) 

When: August 2, 16:00-18:00.  Boris Yeltsin Centre, Ekaterinburg. Read more: Круглый стол: «Доступная среда: возможности и сложности центра города» [In Russian]

Fall 2017

November 22-23
Second Annual RUCARR Conference

November 23-24
Circassians in the 21st century: Identity and Survival – in the Homeland and Diaspora

Spring 2017

May 23 – RUCARR seminar
Mahama Tawat: “What’s new in the Russian academic landscape? Insights from Higher School of Economics (HSE), Moscow”

May 18 – RUCARR seminar
Elnur Aliyev: “Ethno-linguistic portrait of the Shahdagh people – minorities of Azerbaijan”
Svetlana L`Nyavskiy: “From language to war: Language policy debates in English-Medium Ukrainian and Russian News Agencies. The effects of Ukrainian events on language policy in Estonia.”

May 17 – Visit by Ambassador of Georgia
11.00–12.00, room 0826
Presentation given by Ambassador of Georgia to Sweden, Malkhaz Kakabadze: “26 Year of the Independence of Georgia and 25 Year of the establishment of the diplomatic relations between Georgia and Sweden”

Maj 16 – Second RUCARR PhD workshop
Giorgi Omsarashvili: Militant Jihadist movements in the North Caucasus
Agil Valiyev: Cultural Diplomacy of Azerbaijan (Nagorno Karabagh)
Elnur Aliyev: Trilingual Electronic Dictionary (Kryz-Azerbaijani-English)

April 26 – Web/campus seminar
Prof. Fariz Khalilli:  “Recent archaeological researches in Azerbaijan and Medieval Agsu Town”

March 29 – Web/campus seminar
“Circassian Refugees in Syria”. Lars Funch Hansen, Caucasus Studies, introduces the little-known Circassian (North Caucasian) group among the Syrian refugees in Sweden. Representatives from the Circassian community are participating in the seminar and will be interviewed by Lars Funch Hansen

March 14 – RUCARR seminar
Prof. Bo Petersson, Co-Director of RUCARR,  will present a new book chapter: “Perspektiv på östutvidgningen: EU:s triumf eller fröet till dess undergång?”
Discussant: Associate professor Derek Hutchesson.

February 28 – Caucasus Studies Web & Campus seminar
Dr. David Matsaberidze: “Pro-Western and Pro-Russian Tendencies in Georgia’s Foreign Policy”
Assistant professor of International Relations, Faculty of Social and Political Science, Tbilisi State University

7 February – RUCARR seminar
Associate professor Derek Hutchesson (European Studies, Dept. of Global Political Studies) will give the presentation: Brexit, the future of the EU and its implications for the wider Europe

Fall 2016

8-9 December – RUCARR Inaugural Conference (Programme)

24-25 November – Caucasus Studies workshop
Workshop, including the open lecture: North Caucasian Defence Towers in Georgia, by Søren Theisen.

23 November – RUCARR/GPS seminar
Academic freedoms besieged: Developments in Turkey and Russia
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10 November – RUCARR – Erasmus Mundus PhD workshop
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8 November – RUCARR and Caucasus Studies Web & campus  seminar
“The 2016 parliamentary elections in Russia and Georgia”
Derek Hutcheson, Malmö University, & Alexandre Kukhianidze, Tbilisi State University
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