Spring 2017

7 February
Associate professor Derek Hutchesson (European Studies, Dept. of Global Political Studies) will give the presentation: Brexit, the future of the EU and its implications for the wider Europe

February 28
Caucasus Studies Web & Campus seminar, Febr 28, 15.30, C0502
Dr. David Matsaberidze: “Pro-Western and Pro-Russian Tendencies in Georgia’s Foreign Policy”
Assistant professor of International Relations, Faculty of Social and Political Science, Tbilisi State University

March 14
Prof. Bo Petersson, Co-Director of RUCARR,  will present a new book chapter: “Perspektiv på östutvidgningen: EU:s triumf eller fröet till dess undergång?”
Discussant: Associate professor Derek Hutchesson.

March 29
Lars Funch Hansen, Caucasus Studies, introduces the little-known Circassian (North Caucasian) group among the Syrian refugees in Sweden. Representatives from the Circassian community are participating in the seminar and will be interviewed by Lars Funch Hansen

Maj 9
Second RUCARR PhD workshop

Fall 2016

8 November
RUCARR and Caucasus Studies Web & campus  seminar
“The 2016 parliamentary elections in Russia and Georgia”
Derek Hutcheson, Malmö University, & Alexandre Kukhianidze, Tbilisi State University
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10 November
RUCARR – Erasmus Mundus PhD workshop
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23 November
RUCARR/GPS seminar: Academic freedoms besieged: Developments in Turkey and Russia
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24-25 November
Caucasus workshop, including the open lecture: North Caucasian Defence Towers in Georgia, by Søren Theisen.

8-9 December
RUCARR Inaugural Conference (Programme)


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