Advisory board

The following persons have been appointed members of the advisory board of RUCARR:

Ambassador Ingrid Tersman (Swedish Foreign Ministry) (Chair)
Prof. Klas-Göran Karlsson (Lund University)
Associate professor Håkan Magnusson (International Centre for Local Democracy, ICLD)
Prof. Oscar Hemer (School of Art, Culture and Communication, K3, Malmö University)
Senior Lecturer Lina Olsson (Department of Urban Studies, US, Malmö University)
Lecturer Teresa Tomasevic (Department of Language and Linguistics, SPS, Malmö University)
Senior Lecturer Magnus Ericson (Department of Global Political Studies, GPS, Malmö University)


From the left: Karina Vamling, Teresa Toamsevic, Oscar Hemer, Klas-Göran Karlsson, Ingrid Tersman, Håkan Magnusson, Bo Petersson, Lina Olsson, Magnus Ericson.

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