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This is the home of Sustainable Urban Management at Malmö University. It is an interactive resource for all those interested in environmental sustainability, socially conscious economic development, project management, social entrepreneurship, social innovations and all things related. It is designed for students, practitioners, Malmö alumni and especially those interested in studying with us here in Malmö.

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Study Visit at the ISU

by Andre Landwehr on November 1, 2012

ISU_Logo ISU – the Institute for Sustainable Urban Development is a joint venture between The City of Malmö and Malmö University. The Institute deals with sustainability in its broad sense, which includes ecological, economical, social and cultural issues. The work comprises taking part in process of urban redevelopment projects in Malmö, and includes transfer of knowledge and experiences between researchers and practitioners.
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Group Project Presentation – Sustainable Urban Block

October 19, 2012

The Sustainable Urban Management programme has a very practical approach to it. For a recent group project, we have worked in teams to redevelop an urban block sustainably. We have been free to led our ideas and creativity flow into the projects, with no constraints, but reality. The groups have focused on environmental sustainability developing their […]

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Abstract of Olga Belorusova’s Thesis: On the Way to the Convenient Hazardous Waste Collection System in Malmo, Sweden. Users’ Perspective

October 2, 2012

Below is the abstract for Olga Belorusova’s thesis on hazardous waste recycling in Malmö, Sweden. Waste management is an integral part of sustainable urban development. In the modern world, when attitude to waste is being shifted towards “waste as resource” and “waste as income generator”, ensuring separation of hazardous waste from the general waste stream […]

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Abstract of Tim Nabholz’s Thesis – How can the Building Industry Push Sustainability in Practice: A Case Study of Skanska’s Color Palette™

October 2, 2012

Below is the abstract for Tim Nabholz’s thesis on Sustainability in Practice with a case study on Skanska’s Deep Green Journey. The environmental impacts that will affect earth due to continued population growth are staggering. They can be seen through the depletion of finite resources, increased pollution, and climate change. These environmental fluctuations will no […]

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Abstract to Laura Wascher’s Thesis – “Green and Just?” : Assessing the Socio-Spatial Distribution of Green Areas in Malmö

September 26, 2012

Below is the abstract for Laura Wascher’s award-worthy thesis on green spaces in Malmö, Sweden. Malmö strives to become an attractive and sustainable city by 2030. Continued population growth is a major reason for the need to densify within the existing urban structures. But more inhabitants will also increase pressure on usage and demand for […]

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Students Recognized for Efforts in Class

September 26, 2012

On June 7th, Malmo University hosted an awards banquet for Urban Studies students that recognized the efforts of students to their respective classes. Laura Wascher was awarded a scholarship for her exceptional  thesis “Green and Just?” a study on Malmö’s green spaces. To read Laura’s abstract and the thesis in its entirety check out this link. Another […]

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Sege Park, Dense and Green – An Ung Bo 12 Proposal By Laura Wascher

April 20, 2012

The Ung Bo 12 competition is geared towards starting the debate about the housing shortage for young people in Malmo, Sweden . The aim of the competition is to discuss the problem, but also to suggest smart solutions. The city, in conjunction with industry, has invited those between the age of 18 and 30 to enter a competition where they […]

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Sustainable People, Sustainable Business, Sustainable World – April 26th / 27th

April 13, 2012

ORGANIZERS The ‘Sustainable People, Sustainable Business, Sustainable World’ 2-day event is geared towards incorporating ideas from industry, academia, government and the public around sustainability. It will feature 4 main areas where public can participate. What would a good event be without lectures and discussion seminars? This event will host academics, researchers and professionals to share […]

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Impressions of the Vauban Development in Freiburg, Germany – By Romain Vuattoux

April 4, 2012

In 1938 this area of Freiburg became a military area for the French. As the Berlin Wall came down and the Cold War came to an end, the French army moved out of the city. In 1992 the German government became the owner of the property. Groups of anarchists and hippies moved into the abandoned […]

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Malmo SUM Students Visit Germany

April 2, 2012

A number of students from the University of Malmo’s Sustainable Urban Management (SUM) visited their partner program within Frankfurt University Applied Science’s Urban Agglomeration (UA) program. As multiple students within the UA program will complete a semester abroad within the Malmo SUM program, this trip worked as a way to bridge these two programs. Some of the […]

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