Gongyuan Gao (Rose)

by Site Administrator - Tim Nabholz on November 29, 2011

Gongyuan Gao (Rose), 24, comes from Ningbo city in the Zhejiang province in China. In 2008 she came to Sweden, where she began her studies at the Kristianstad University, where she completed her undergraduate degree in International Business. She also was one of the managers at a local Swedish restaurant in Kristianstad .

After she completed her bachelor degree in Kristianstad, she applied to master’s courses at Malmo University related to urban sustainability, since Malmo has provided a good example of urban sustainability planning. Also for China, the country can learn many strategies from Europe about city sustainable development.

After the programme, she would like to work for several years in Europe. When she feels she has gained enough working experience, she plans on going back to China to work for an international company.

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