Malmo SUM Students Visit Germany

by Site Administrator - Tim Nabholz on April 2, 2012

Group Photo Frankfurt

A number of students from the University of Malmo’s Sustainable Urban Management (SUM) visited their partner program within Frankfurt University Applied Science’s Urban Agglomeration (UA) program. As multiple students within the UA program will complete a semester abroad within the Malmo SUM program, this trip worked as a way to bridge these two programs. Some of the students and professors of the SUM program, as well as a number of additional professors, joined the Urban Agglomeration group on a tour of sustainability related projects around Frankfurt, Freiburg and Tubingen.

The SUM group included students: Kofi Asare AboagyeOlga BelorusovaChristina Fuller, Evan Mitchell, Colin MunroTim NabholzRomain VuattouxLaura Wascher, and Fan Yang,   and professors: Karin Grundstrom, Peter Parker, Stig Westerdahl and Goran Ewald. The group was also joined by communications advisor, and fellow student in the Swedish version of Sustainable Urban Management, Hanna Holm, who has also written an article regarding the trip for the university website that will be available soon.

The group received presentations from both the Regional and Municipal Planning Offices in Frankfurt regarding how to address scalar, long-term planning issues from a governmental body perspective. The group was also treated to tours in Freiburg of the recent developments of Riesefeld and Vauban, where they were able to witness contrasts between green developments and urban renewal. The group was given a tour of the French Quarters of Tubingen, located in the south of the city, Suedstadt, where they learned about how different ownership methods allow for a, perhaps more healthy, mix of residents. On the final day of the trip, students from both classes worked together to present the pros and cons of the developments they saw. This was a great way for the students to process what they just saw.

Although the trip was intended to be strictly educational, it is fair to say that the students enjoyed themselves outside the class as well, and created even stronger bonds with their classmates. It was also a very good opportunity for the students to interact with their professors and other students within a similar field. Sasha Dubovitskaya, a UA student who completed the first semester with the Malmo students, also joined the group on a number of excursions and this trip acted as a good opportunity for a reunion. All-in-all, the trip was a great success, and the students in Malmo warmly await the arrival of incoming Frankfurt students.

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