Friday, March 2, 2012

Bob Dylan 1961-1967. Kærlighed, krig og historie [in Danish], by Anders Høg Hansen (lecturer at ComDevat Malmö University and Ørecomm participant) explores early 1960s artistic, cultural and social change in the USA and the Western World through the lens of Bob Dylan songs and the musical and social context they appeared in. The book pays particular attention to the articulation of three key themes, love, war and history in Dylan’s early songs, and the blending of cultural influences – from e.g. American and European stage traditions, literature, the bible and popular culture – in the midst of social and artistic upheaval, civil rights and other movement activity of the 1960s. Dylan’s songs, reflected media and cultural changes. They fused the popular and the fine art, the past and the contemporary. The songs inspiration from a range of old and new movements and folk heritage, and mythologies of outlaws and misfits, are of relevance also today in an era of renewed global movement activity and interest in the cultural activity and changes that the 1960s brought about – and those that the era could have created. TEXT From

Out now (February 2012) at Frydenlund, Copenhagen, here.

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