Örecomm Festival Day One – Roskilde University

by Hugo Boothby on September 11, 2012

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Friday September 14th is the first day of the Örecomm Festival and takes place at Roskilde University, Denmark.

Monday’s programme begins with a keynote presentation form Nick Couldry, Goldsmiths College, University of London. Nick’s presentation is titled Voiceblind: On some paradoxes of the Neoliberal State and examines how the

“ongoing financial crisis (2008- ) has exposed the violent contradictions that neoliberal discourse imposes on democratic life, but as yet without a resolution. A reason for the impasse is not simply that states fail to listen to voice, but more fundamentally that states are blind to the spaces where democratic voice now emerges”.

Couldry suggests that the only way forward

“involves states and citizens developing a new way of ‘seeing’  […] that explores how state and society can be reorganised in way that better recognise citizens’ knowledge and experience”

 See here for the full abstract.

Nick is Professor of Media and Communications and joint head of Media at Goldsmiths. He is the author of ten books most recently Media Society World: Social Theory and Digital Media Practice (Polity 2012).

For a full programme for Örecomm Festival day 1 please see here.

Presentations for the Örecomm Festival will be webcast live on http://orecomm.net/

The Örecomm Festival is organised by the Örecomm research centre originated by Malmö University, Sweden and Roskilde University, Denmark. The Örecomm Festival is an important part of the Communication for Development MA autumn courses.

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