The Glocal Times/Nordicom Review special issue “Communication, media and development: problems and perspectives” available now!

by Hugo Boothby on October 3, 2012

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You can access the Glocal Times/Nordicom Review special issue online at Glocal Times and Nordicom Review. This journal is also available in a printed journal format published this month. This publication is the result of a collaboration between Glocal Times, the ComDev web-magazine and Nordicom Review, the refereed media and communication academic journal published by Gothenburg University. Conceived and Edited by Florencia Enghel, Ph.D. candidate at Karlstad University, Sweden and Karin Wilkins, professor at the University of Texas, US. This Global Times/Nordicom special issue has many points of contact with the ComDev programme and we are very proud to be involved in this important contribution to the continuing discussions around the field of Communication for Development. One of the editors Florencia Enghel is a ComDev alumnus, who continues to be closely involved with ComDev returning frequently as a guest lecture. Co-editor Karin Wilkins is also a regular contributor to the ComDev programme both as guest lecturer and examiner.

Several of the authors involved in this publication work with the ComDev programme at Malmö University. Programme Coordinator Oscar Hemer has contributed an article, written together with Thomas Tufte, titled “ComDev in the Mediatized World”. You can read the foreword Oscar has written for the Glocal Times edition here. ComDev teachers Ylva Ekström, Anders Høg Hansen and Hugo Boothby have also contributed the article ”The Globalization of the Pavement: a Tanzanian case study”.

This publication can in some ways be considered as a continuation of the debates and discussions presented in the Nordicom published anthology ”Media and Glocal Change: Rethinking Communication for Development” and we hope that ”Communication, media and development: problems and perspectives” will become a resource for ComDev students as indispensible as the Media and Glocal Change anthology has been.

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