90 Percent Degree Project (MA Thesis) Seminar 8 Nov

by Anders Hög Hansen on October 31, 2012

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You are welcome to attend (online via the course sites, not the portal) the 90 Percent Degree Project Seminar on Communication for Development.
It takes place Thursday 8 Nov 2012 09.00-14.00 (Swedish time)

The 90 Percent seminar is the last seminar event on the final course on ComDev. A future examiner (feedback lecturer) gives oral feedback on a nearly completed Degree Project/thesis and a fellow student act as peer reviewer. Then the student works for 3 weeks more before handing in a final 100 percent version for written assessment and grading.

Program (all times Swedish)

09.00 Jwani Jube. ICTs and Anti-Corruption. Assessing the Potential of Biometric Technology in Fighting the Ghost Worker Corruption Scheme in Tanzania’s Public Sector
(Supervisor: Ylva Ekström ). Student commenter/Peer review: Ronald Luyera.
Feedback lecturer: Norbert Wildermuth

10.00 Velma Kiome. African Languages and Development: Kiswahili for Collective Memory and Collective Future in East Africa (Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, South Sudan, Tanzania and Uganda)
(Supervisors: Anders Høg Hansen and Julia Velkova). Student commenter/Peer review: Jwani Jube.
Feedback lecturer: Jakob Dittmar

11.00 Ronald Luyera. ICTs for Health Communication in Africa: A Study of the ICT for Medical Community Empowerment (ICT4MPOWER) Project in Uganda, 2009- 2012
Student commenter: Nicholine Musi.
Feedback lecturer: Ylva Ekström

Lunch break 12.00-13.00

13.00 Nicholine Musi. Securing the Cameroonian Rural Woman’s Land Rights Through ICTs; The Case Study of Mbalangi in the South West Region of Cameroon
(Supervisor: Ylva Ekström). Student commenter/Peer review: Velma Kiome.
Feedback lecturer: Anders Høg Hansen


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