Örecomm Festival III – Memory on Trial: Media, Citizenship and Social Justice

by Hugo Boothby on April 4, 2013

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Ørecomm – Centre for Communication and Glocal Change invites researchers, artists, students and practitioners to its 3rd Festival, 13–16 September2013. The Festival will start in Roskilde (1 day), move on to Malmö (2 days) and close in Copenhagen(1 day):

Memory on Trial:
Media, Citizenship and Social Justice

Living memory is a process by which citizens create meaning of the present and near past. Living memory confirms, explores or challenges dominant understandings of societal development. The media are dominating agents of memory, producing as well as silencing tensions between living memories and established history. This conflict between official history and its alternative or silenced voices has become a central concern of media, communication and cultural studies. In recent decades, we have witnessed a memory turn in the humanities and social sciences, with implications for the field of communication for development.

The third Ørecomm Festival puts the memory turn under scrutiny, addressing living memories in relation to two other central components of public sphere engagement: citizenship and social justice. As citizens we (can) actualize or make a public – and in this making we inevitably engage with social justice. Citizenship and Social Justice are of primary importance in societal debates concerning whathow and for whom we should remember – not least in transitional processes of attempted healing and conciliation. Memory work may be decisive for a society’s ability to live and develop in peace. The Festival organizers welcome investigations and interrogations of memory and how it affects aspirations for social justice and sustainable development.

Abstracts (200-300 words) due: 24 June 2013

Acceptance message: 1st July 2013

Registration (online from June 1st): closes 1 September 2013

Contact to Festival committee: orecomm@gmail.com

For the full concept note and a list of proposed themes see here on orecomm.net

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