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by Anders Hög Hansen on November 26, 2013

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Communication for Development students and visitors on this site may be interested in some of the activity in the Living Archives project, see

On 2 Dec in Garaget, Lönngatan 2, in Malmö there is a workhop 18.30 – 20.30 specifically on womens stories related to immigration to Malmö. It is part of the project ‘One Hundred Years With Immigrant Women In Malmö’. It was initiated by the Iranian activist Parvin Ardelan, but is now running with help from Malmö Museums and other organizations, including researchers from Malmö University. At the moment Erling Björgvinsson, Interaction Design and Anders Høg Hansen, ComDev, is involved in facilitation and development.

You are most welcome to attend. Check flyer on event below or go to:

A brief introduction to the overall Living Archives project is below. This year (2013) a series of archival project and practices are being explored or developed;

Crowdsourcing Metadata for Cultural Heritage
Immigrant Women Stories (project presented above)
Labour migration in the 1960s
Performing Affect
Revisiting the Ådalen archives
Urban Gardening/Farming
Urban Sound Stories
Malmö folk songs historical archive (

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Anders Høg Hansen

Living Archives web
“Living Archives is a research project funded by the Swedish Research Council and run by Medea, Malmö University. The project aims to analyze and prototype how digital archives for cultural heritage can become social resources, how they can facilitate social change, create cultural awareness and collective collaboration.”

Immigrant workshop 2 Dec Garaget Malmö

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