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by Rebecca Bengtsson on March 17, 2014

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square6MA in Communication for Development (60 ECTS)

Communication for Development is an interdisciplinary field of study and practice, combining studies in culture, communication and development integrated with practical fieldwork. It explores the use of communication – both as a tool and as a way of articulating processes of social change – within the context of globalisation.

The MA in Communication for Development (ComDev) is a one-year web-based programme running part-time over two years. During the first year, students receive a comprehensive overview of globalisation and an introduction to the field of Communication for Development. In the second year, students are introduced to the use of new media and ICT in a development context and receive a thorough introduction to research methodologies in order to prepare them for their thesis.

ComDev attracts students from all corners of the world and it is particularly popular with those working within the field of communication and development or in civil society organisations. There are close to 200 graduates from the programme and future employment includes working with professional media companies, international organisations and going on to PhD-studies.

“Because the course is for targeting people already in the C4D field there was a lot of experience among the students, which was shared and discussed and became part of the very dynamic learning environment.”   ComDev graduate (2010)

report2ComDev was a pioneer in the use of internet-based learning, using online platforms to make education available to students globally and offers a unique blend of distance- and campus-based learning. From the start, the backbone of the programme has been a pedagogical approach referred to as Convergence Pedagogy. The concept was coined and is continuously developed by the ComDev staff and utilises the advantages that the online environment offers in terms of students connecting with fellow students around the world mixed with onsite seminar weekends where students get a chance to meet and interact in person. Lectures and seminars are planned to allow students participating in different time zones. This learning environment, based on the group dynamic that potentiates the participants’ own resources, is described as the Glocal Classroom and allows students based in different countries to interact and conduct group assignments with their peers: from South Korea to Brazil and South Africa to Sweden.

The programme prioritise embracing the global when planning for seminars and to date ComDev has held seminars in India, South Africa and Tanzania to name a few. For 2014, seminars are planned to take place in Australia, Canada and South Africa as well as in Malmö, and students are encouraged to attend the seminars in person if they have the opportunity.

“Meeting staff and fellow students during the oral examination seminar in Malmö was a great experience … I also very much appreciated the respectful and friendly atmosphere among teachers and students.”   ComDev graduate (2013)

New course: Advances in Communication for Development: Social Action, Planning and Evaluation (15 ECTS)

comdevadThis autumn, ComDev is offering a brand new course in Advances in Communication for Development: Social Action, Planning and Evaluation. The course responds to the needs of ComDev graduates that have requested a deeper level of study in this field, as well as development professionals seeking group work and peer learning, hands-on participation, self-reflection, and critical analysis. This course aims to enhance skills and deepen knowledge around the use of strategic media and communication interventions used in international development cooperation. A variety of Communication for Development theories and methods are explored and students have the opportunity to independently plan, implement and evaluate a Communication for Development intervention. With a mix of independent and group work, peer learning, hands-on participation, self-reflection, and critical analysis, this course provides dynamic and comprehensive engagement in advances in communication for development related to social action, planning and evaluation. The course will run part-time during the autumn semester and to apply you must have at least 30 ECTS on advanced level in Communication Development or other relevant Social Science discipline.

How to Apply

The application window for both the MA programme in Communication in Development and the course in Advances in Communication for Development closes on 15 April 2014. More information on how to apply can be found on the University Admission’s official website. In English, and in Swedish.


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