ComDev students to Guelph for Glocal Classroom seminar

by Rebecca Bengtsson on May 14, 2014

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A number of travel grants, targeted to students at the Communication for Development master’s programme at Malmö University, were announced for the up-coming Guelph Seminar. We are now happy to announce that ComDev students Antonio Palazuelos, Nora Wegner and Seija Anttonen will join us in Guelph. We are looking forward to your participation!

“This is a great opportunity to be involved in a very meaningful project, sharing experiences and discussing real life cases. I do identify myself with the ‘glocal’ approach as a way to enjoy the advantages of a globalized world, but without loosing the local culture and values. I believe that ICT’s can change many educational approaches and open great opportunities for learning to people in developing countries and in places where the lack of resources make a challenge to get quality education.” – Antonio Palazuelos

“The participation in the seminar at the University of Guelph will provide a great opportunity to truly experience the Glocal Classroom concept. The combination of online studies and events to interact with and get inspired by people from all around the world meets the requirements of our current times and makes it an exciting project.” – Nora Wegner

“Glad to be onboard! I’m currently serving as UNV with UNFPA Vietnam, focusing on youth-related issues, and have already been able to utilize some of my ComDev learning in my work. Before turning my interest towards the international development field, I’ve worked in international education management focusing on exchange programs, and find the Glocal Classroom project interesting also from that point of view.” – Seija Anttonen

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