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by Rebecca Bengtsson on November 26, 2014

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Voices from Timor-Leste Seminar and Simulation

Three days of intensive collaboration has come to an end – for now. Everyone agreed that both the seminar and the following simulation were successful, and that there lies a lot of potential in developing the concept further. Below are a few voices about the three days.

A big thank you to everyone who took part in the seminar and made this a meaningful event – the students; the speakers; the audience; the organising, teaching and technical staff.

  • You can find photos from the seminar, simulation, and concluding discussion on flickr.
  • You can find the recorded streams from all three days here.

flinders4“I think it has been terrific! I’m no content expert on Timor-Leste, but it all sounded interesting. And it seemed to me that the students were really engaged. Regarding the tech and learning elements its been really interesting to see how you can stretch how people interact with it. The technique really enabled things today – we pushed some new boundaries.”
– Colin Carati, Acting Director of the Centre for Educational ICT and Executive Director at Flinders University.

“The students were very committed to their groups – I basically just saw them grab lunch in between news flashes and briefings – and that for me was the first side of success. They seemed to have fun! It was also nice to see that we actually can do this at Flinders – offer more engaged learning – that we have the support for something like this.”
– Susanne Schech, Professor in the School of International Studies at Flinders University.

“When I read about the topic I was intrigued by the way it was going to be done – the simulation, the online thing – making it possible to integrate people from all over the world. It seemed especially relevant in relation to a topic like this one. I think I learned so much more compared to the lecture format.”
– Emma White, Student at Flinders University, Master of Accounting.

“With regard to the technology we had to make efforts to open up for the online participant in our group and include him. It wasn’t difficult or so, but we had to be conscious about that. Overall I think it worked very well with Skype – it’s easy, I have an account of my own. It would have been great to have more than one student online though, to have a better balance”
– Robyn Sleigh, Student at University of Adelaide, Bachelor International Studies/Art.

“I think it’s been very exciting and inspiring to be here. What we did today with the hypothetical is really something out of the ordinary. As a teacher you have to step out of the box. Being attentive to the onliners and including them in the process is for example very crucial.”
– Kathrine Winkelhorn, Project Coordinator, The Glocal Classroom, Malmö University.

By Ulrica Kristhammar. This text was originally posted on Glocal Classroom


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