Guardian Live Q&A: how can NGOs and the media work better together? (26 February)

by Tobias Denskus on February 26, 2015

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ComDev’s Tobias Denskus will be part of a Guardian Live Chat on Thursday afternoon (26 February); as this is a chat without video or audio, we will add a little interactivity from our side and broadcast the Q&A with additional comments; if you are a ComDev student or alumni you can join us on Live Lecture as well!

How can NGOs and the media work better together?

Development organisations and journalists need each other to do their best work in developing countries. How can they help rather than hinder each other?

Mainstream media is still the major route for NGOs to raise awareness of their causes. How can press officers and journalists work better together so they have a mutually beneficial, symbiotic relationship rather than an antagonistic one?

Do NGOs need to stop focusing on their professional reputation and instead let the work they do speak for itself? Do journalists need to be more willing to delve deeper into stories to give their readers more context and understanding of the world’s problems?

Join a panel of communications specialists and journalists to answer these questions and more on Thursday 26 February, 1-3pm (GMT)

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