PhD Course on Refugee Migration, Communication and Governance in Malmö September 2016

by Tobias Denskus on June 8, 2016

in ComDev seminar,Örecomm Festival

Preceding the Transit Europe symposium, ComDev will be involved in a joint specialization course within the research areas MUSA (Migration, Urbanisation and Societal Change) and NMOG (New Media, Public Spheres and Forms of Creation).

The profound and lasting consequences of the so-called refugee crisis that shook Europe in 2015 call for academic analysis as well as humanitarian action. In the last year, Europe has seen the largest mobility of people on its soil since the Second World War.

The course puts the current refugee situation in Europe in global perspective, with focus on media and communication and governance, and specifically humanitarian technologies and communication. What is the nature of the crisis, from the perspective of the refugee migrants? How do they communicate with migration authorities, traffickers, and among themselves? How do they document their own journey? What new channels of information or public spheres are emerging? What are the short and long term political and cultural implications of Europe’s on-going transition?

Learning outcomes

After completing the course, the student will have attained a deep understanding of the European so-called refugee crisis in global perspective, with regard to media, governance and civic participation, and specific focus on humanitarian communication and technologies

Learning activities

The course consists of a joint workshop in conjunction with the Transit Europe symposium, and an individual assignment, to be completed two weeks after the symposium. The workshop, 22 September, 9-15, preceding the symposium, is coordinated by ComDev PhD student Erliza López Pedersen (NMOG) and Migration Studies PhD student Ioanna Tsoni (MUSA), and includes the keynote speakers Nina Glick Schiller and Mirca Madianou.
You can contact Erliza for further information and express your interest in participating in the course in Malmö.


The course has 3 credits.In addition to active participation in the workshop, students are required to submit an individual reflexive paper, 3000-4000 words, based on the symposium and the course literature. Deadline for submission: 6 October.

Course literature

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