New open access book! Voice & Matter: Communication, Development and the Cultural Return

by Tobias Denskus on September 5, 2016

in Örecomm Festival,ø

voice_and_matter_communicationopment_and_the_cultural_return 1“The contributors to this anthology, who were all participants in the 2014 Voice & Matter conference, substantiate our arguments: the new momentum for ComDev in times of social media and social movements; the close interdependency of voice and matter; the renewed cultural impact in the form of an “ethnographic turn”; and, finally, an approach to the field as from and at the margins. Altogether, it is our conviction that the 17 chapters that follow are substantial contributions to a continuing articulation and re-definition of the theoretical foundation of Communication for Development.”

Oscar Hemer & Thomas Tufte “Introduction: Why Voice and Matter Matter”

The new book, available in print as well as digital open access from Nordicom, features contributions from ComDev staff members Oscar Hemer, Ronald Stade and Anders Hög-Hansen as well as many renowned academics in the field of communication, cultural and development studies.

“Drawing from the lived experiences of collectives and individuals who use media and communication to work toward emancipation and social justice, the chapters in this volume make important contributions to how we think about voice, power, technology, culture, and social change. Taking on the ­challenge of interrogating the development industries and their inability to detach from market forces and confront power inequities, this volume repositions the agency of subjects who use their own voices and their own media on their own terms – taking matters into their own hands.”

– Clemencia Rodríguez, Professor in Media Studies and Production, Temple University, Philadelphia, USA

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