Glocal Classroom Revisited – Storytelling and Social Change Leicester-Malmö

by Anders Hög Hansen on October 14, 2016

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leicester_1The every day class room of ComDev is what we call the ‘Glocal Classroom’.
The name is even on the door in our studio. However, there is a particular extended format which not only involves people online as well as in a teaching location in Malmö or somewhere else in the world (as e.g. Paris where we are going to place ourselves in November).
This extended format is bridging two physical classrooms, and often two courses, with synchronous interaction between two in situ locations and one online community in one event. It is a more demanding pedagogical challenge, production and mediation, which we havetried in the past with e.g. University of Guelph in Canada, and Flinders University in Australia.


Wednesday 12 October, Professor Thomas Tufte (Media and Communication Studies, University of Leicester) spoke on Storytelling and Social Change at his new Real Life Research Class at University of Leicester. The event was also part of an Advances in Communication for Development course class in Malmö, with Anders Høg Hansen providing a brief introduction to storytelling and some moderation throughout.

Thomas took the class on tour through ComDev reflections and concepts applied to intriguing examples: from a Martin Luther King speech, over Popeye the Sailor, to the South African Soap Opera Soul City.
There was a general focus on Edutainment which may be of interest for the MA ComDev students.

It was a late/last minute arrangement. The final schedule was set the week before – and maybe therefore it did not have a strong online participation, but you can jump on the the Bambuser archive and enjoy:

Thomas Tufte StorytellingThomas Tufte Lecture First part   |   Thomas Tufte Lecture Second part

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