New journal article on Places, Landscape and Production of Memory

by Tobias Denskus on November 28, 2016

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journalmediapracticeCity Symphony Malmö: the spatial politics of non-institutional memory

New article coauthored by ComDev’s Anders Høg Hansen and Erling Björgvinsson (Interaction Design, formerly Malmö University, now at Gothenburg) published in the Journal Media Practice, explores the function of media in the creation of non-institutional memory and discusses the complexities of participatory and spatially distributed filmmaking and the convergence of culture and mediated memory production in Erling Björgvinsson and Richard Topgaard’s 2009 documentary City Symphony Malmö.
The City symphony genre captures snatches of real-time footage, allowing filmmakers to make a statement on modern society in which time, space and movement are fundamental elements.

The article discusses where the relation between place and memory and the constitution of individual and collective identities converges to manifest in the production and mediation of living memory, revealing an interplay and a tension between seemingly private and public content and the role of networked media in the creation of plural aspects of collective remembrance.

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