August 26, 2010

ComDev Degree Projects Collection

The master’s program Communication for Development has been around since year 2000. Over the course of the years, we have had hundreds of lectures and seminars webcast on the internet to our students. Here, you’ll find a selection of last year’s lectures, including a project presentation from one of our students. At the bottom of this page you’ll find a ComDev timeline.

Karen Thulstrup (Comdev 2008) – At Risk? Using participatory photography to stimulate critical thinking. A collaborative project work in Australia and Tanzania. (Presentation is from Seminar 4, 2009)

Lecture: Urban desolation and symbolic denigration; Loïc Wacquant, University of Califiornia, Berkeley

Lecture: Place-specific computing and participatory design; Jörn Messeter Malmö University, K3. (Lecture is from Seminar 4, 2009)

Lecture: Storytelling as part of Policy formulation within Health and Education in Bangladesh; Helena Thorfinn SIDA. (Lecture is from Seminar 4, 2009)

ComDev timeline

(1999) The idea is presented to Malmö University. Sida approves an application for the development of a pilot course.

(2000) Planning of the course, with contact journeys to UK (London and Leicester) and Vietnam and Indonesia. Indonesia is assigned as “case country” for student’s project works. The first course (in Swedish) starts in September, with 30 participants.

(2001) Second course (also in Swedish) and first examinations.

(2002) First international course, with a pilot group of 10 selected participants from developing countries.

(2003) Seminar in Malmö and Stockholm for the first international batch. Seminar in Sarajevo for the second international course, in collaboration with the Nordic Council of Ministers who provides a number of student grants for project works in the West Balkan region. The first streaming experiment is made via modem from Sarajevo.

(2004) The first course where streaming of the seminars makes online participation possible.

(2005) Seminars in Göteborg (March, in collaboration with PADRIGU) and Istanbul (October, in collaboration with the Swedish Consulate). Meeting in Los Baños, The Philippines, conducted by the Communication for Social Change Consortium, with participation of twelve universities, and the foundation of The Communication for Development and Social Change University Network (See the Los Baños declaration!) Publication of Media and Glocal Change. Start of the Memories of Modernity project.

(2006) Seminars in Malmö (June) and Durban (November), as part of the MoM project.

(2007) MoM exhibition in Durban (April) and Malmö (November). Examination of the project’s student work.

(2008) Formal launch of Ørecomm at IAMCR conference in Stockholm. Malmö project carried out, in collaboration with the City of Malmö. Five non-EU students receive grants to do their Exam work on location in Malmö.

(2009) Seminar in Dar-es-Salaam, in collaboration with MEDIeA research project. Malmö University becomes member of the SPIDER network. Five student grants for carrying out project works on ICT for development in East Africa.

(2010) The master course becomes a master program. Celebration of the 10th anniversary.