Students studying the Communication, Culture and Media Analysis course with ComDev this spring were asked to produce a report on a significant player within the Communication for Development field. In this report students discussed the chosen organization’s approach to ComDev and reflected critically on the organization’s Communication for Development plans and strategies.

As part of this assignment students were asked to produce an additional media text specifically designed to communicate their findings to a chosen target audience. There was some fantastic work produced, with students electing to work in a variety of mediums ranging from magazine articles to cartoons.

Asking students to produce specifically targeted texts like this was new to ComDev this year and I thought that it would be good to let the ComDev community have an opportunity to see some of the excellent work produced.

First up is a Cartoon booklet produced by ComDev students Jwani Tranquilino Jube, Linnea Bergman, Kalea Turner-Beckman and Anna Shulipa, with comic sketches by artist Joseph Makanza. They chose to analyze the Communication for Development strategies of the World Bank and used a Comic Book to present some of the “challenges and contradictions” that they perceived within the field of international development cooperation.

You can see the excellent comic book that they produced here



Social Scientists Without Borders (SSWB) is a non-governmental organization founded by a group of young social entrepreneurs here in Malmö. Two of those working with SSWB are ComDev students Jake Hunter and Patrik Hudac Jonasson. The SSWB mission is to forge stronger links between the academic, non-profit and business sectors, specifically connecting the knowledge and resources that exists within universities with companies and organizations working towards positive global change.

Since its inception in January 2010 SSWB have been involved in variety of projects that in different ways all aim to build bridges across cultural, institutional and disciplinary divides.

You can find out more about Social Scientists Without Borders, their mission and the projects that they are working with in this article by Jake Hunter and Patrik Hudac Jonasson.

Shahriar is a photographer and teacher living and working in Tehran. His photographs of the demonstrations and political rallies that took place during the 2009 Iranian presidential elections have been selected to be part of the “Student’s Gallery” exhibition that opens at Malmö University’s Okanen Library on Thursday February 17th. Shahriar started studying the Communication for Development masters programme in September 2010. His interest is in documentary photography; particularly how documentary photography can contribute to social change.

The Students Gallery #8 is the latest in a series of exhibitions at the Malmö University library to showcase the work of students studying here in Malmö.

The exhibition opens on Thursday 17th 17:00 with an evening of  live music. If you are in Malmö please come along and see Shahriar’s fantastic photographs.

You can see some more of Shahriar’s photographs, find out some more about his work and why he started studying ComDev Here.

If you are interested in studying for a masters in Communication for Development with Malmö University applications for Swedish and EU citizens open on March 15th. For more information click here.

Shahriar ComDev Student in Iran

by Hugo Boothby November 29, 2010 Comdev News

Shahriar is a photographer and teacher living and working in Tehran, he began his studies with Malmö University’s Communication for Development master programme in September 2010. Shahriar says that he took the opportunity to study the ComDev masters programme because he wanted to learn more about “globalization with regard to media, culture and development issues”, […]

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Lisa Ann Richey

by Hugo Boothby November 9, 2010 Comdev10

Saving suffering strangers: Representations and communications in Product Red High bandwidth Video | Low bandwidth Video In this lecture for ComDev Lisa Ann Richey makes a strong case for why we should be taking Product Red seriously. Drawing on research for her forthcoming book Brand Aid: Shopping well to save the world, co-authored with Stefano Ponte. […]

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Seminar streaming live on Malmö Högskola’s ComDev portal

by Hugo Boothby October 27, 2010 Comdev News

ComDev’s second seminar of the autumn term starts today, Thursday 29th 11:00 GMT. The three day seminar will all be streamed live here on the ComDev portal. This is the first time ever that a ComDev seminar has been streamed live on an open web platform.  Across the three days there will be lectures, screenings […]

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Looking 10 years ahead

by Hugo Boothby September 16, 2010 Alumni

Last weekend Communication for Development celebrated 10 years of ComDev in Malmö. Two days of lectures and presentations were concluded with a panel discussion Looking 10 years ahead. Highlights of the two day seminar included contributions from Malmö ComDev alumni who presented their most recent Communication and Development research and project work.  The two days […]

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10th Anniversary Seminar

by Hugo Boothby September 8, 2010 Alumni

“When I first traveled to Sweden for one of the course’s seminars in 2003, some of the encounters – people I met then would turn out to be life changing – and in subsequent years and seminars the course has remained a unique ‘space’ for the development of meaningful friendships and collaborations”. Florencia Enghel, ComDev […]

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ComDev10 Kicks Off

by Hugo Boothby September 2, 2010 Comdev10

On Wednesday September 1st new students were welcomed to Malmö University’s 11th Communication for Development course. The ComDev programme now has full masters accreditation. A record number of students have enrolled in this jubilee year. On September 10th and 11th new students will join with ComDev alumni for a series of special lectures and presentations […]

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ComDev10 Online Introduction

by Hugo Boothby August 31, 2010 Comdev10

We are looking forward to meeting all ComDev10 students tomorrow, Wednesday September 1st, for a course introduction. If you are going to be joining us online then go to It’s Learning and use the Live Lecture Link. If you are able to join us here in Malmö then we will be live linking from room […]

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