The Örecomm Festival opened on Friday September 9th with two days of lectures, presentations and discussion at Malmö University. Highlights of the Friday programme included  Thomas Hylland Eriksen’s (University of Oslo) “The Globalization of the Insult: Freedom of expression in intercultural space”.

On the Saturday we heard a lecture from Nishant Shah (Centre for Internet and Society Bangalore) who presented “Digital AlterNatives with a Cause” an investigation of the different ways in which young people in emerging ICT contexts are strategically using everyday technologies in order to produce change in their immediate environments. The Saturday session also saw inspiring presentations from Karin Wilkins (University of Texas at Austin) with a lecture entitled “Mediating Agency” and Helen Hambly Odame (University of Guelph, Canada) with her lecture “Communicative Actions and Agency in Issues of Global Food, Agriculture and Environment”.

The third day of the Örecomm Festival also takes place in Malmö. The day starts with a presentation from Gordon Adam entitled “ComDev’s emerging role after a decade of technological change and conflict”. The afternoon session will feature an exhibition of student work and presentations held at Fabriken Malmö.


Oscar Hemer - Programme Coordinator

If you are a new student beginning your studies with Communication for Development in the autumn then you will be getting to know these characters much much better . We are all really looking forward to welcoming you to the ComDev programme and what we hope will be an exciting journey for us all.

Here are some important dates that you should put in your diary.

If you are offered a place to study with ComDev in July then you MUST confirm that you whish to accept this place using your account before August 1st.

Shortly after August 15th you should receive your username and password for the Malmö University computer systems. When you have received this information please log in and register. Once registered for the course you will be able to access It’s Learning our online teaching system where all the teaching for this programme takes place.

Anders Høg Hansen - Senior Lecturer

The introduction session for the first course Media, Globalization and Development is Wednesday August 31st 13:00 Swedish Time (11:00 GMT) this will take place in Malmö. This introduction session will be streamed live online so you can participate wherever you are in the world. You access our LIVE LECTURE application through It’s Learning.

You can find out more about important dates for autumn term in this COURSE START TIMELINE.

Ylva Ekström - Senior Lecturer

You can find the dates for the first seminars and lectures that you must participate in here COMDEV IMPORTANT DATES

This is a list of RECOMMENDED READING for the Media, Globalization and Development course that begins in the autumn.

Your  first ComDev seminars on September 9th, 10th and 11th will be part of the Örecomm festival, this will be a fantastic opportunity to listen to presentations from leading academics within the field of Communication for Development. Participation in these first three days is COMPULSORY. If you are living in Scandinavia then you are expected to attend in person if you are unable to attend the seminars here in Malmö then you can view them online. You can see the programme for the seminars and the rest of the Örecomm festival here. Please remember to register for the seminars you will be participating in.

You should also read carefully the STUDENT HANDBOOK this will answer a lot of your questions and hopefully help you understand your rights and responsibilities as a student with ComDev.

If you have queries regarding the Communication for Development programme you can email

Mikael Rundberg

Mikael Rundberg - Lecturer/Interaction Designer


Hugo Boothby

Hugo Boothby - Student Facilitator

We are all looking forward to meeting you on August 31st 13:00 Swedish Time (11:00 GMT). Have a great summer!

Oscar, Anders, Ylva, Mikael and Hugo