Under the pedagogical leadership of ComDev’s Hugo Boothby and Anders Hög-Hansen as well as Caucasus StudiesKarina Vamling and in collaboration with colleagues from Flinders University in Adelaide and Tbilisi State University, the Boundaries and Identities in Contemporary Georgia event brought together more than 40 participants in the Georgian capital.

This joint teaching seminar and policy simulation exercise focused on the history and contemporary socio-political challenges of Georgia and brought together more than 30 students from the three universities. In addition to many regional academic experts staff members from the European Union Monitoring Mission (EUMM), the Foreign Ministry and local NGOs provided insights into the complexities, conflicts and cooperation that shape Georgia at the moment.

In preparation of the hands-on policy simulation led by Maryanne Kelton and Verity Kingsmill from Flinders University, ComDev student and film-maker Connor Ashleigh prepared teaching material near the Administrative Boundary Line (ABL) between Georgia and South Ossetia which will be included in a short documentary that he is currently producing.

A field trip to an IDP settlement in Gori near the ABL provided first-hand experience and discussions with EUMM field staff, the local NGO Civil Forum as well as residents.

Karina Vamling shared some of her reflections in a recent post on the Caucasus Studies portal.

As part of the week-long visit, Rebecka Letteval, Dean of the KS faculty, also renewed the MOU between Malmö University and Tbilisi State University to ensure future collaborations.

comdevaupconorashleigh01ComDev seminar at American University of Paris brings together international group of students and teachers

Hosted by Professor Tanya Elder of the American University in central Paris, the ComDev team was joined by more than 20 MA students at one of the largest Glocal Classroom teaching seminars outside the Öresund region from 10-12 November. img_0588

Our ComDev team, led by the course responsible for the Media, Globalization and Development course Hugo Boothby and ComDev program coordinator Tobias Denskus, also met with the Swedish delegation to UNESCO and the local C4D network group before an intensive teaching seminar with inputs from five ComDev teachers and four AUP colleagues.

All in all a great opportunity to network with colleagues, students and the Communication for Development community!

We were also lucky that one of our students, Conor Ashleigh, is a freelance photographer and he kindly provided one of the photos for this post.

Organized as a collaborative event between ComDev,  the Malmö Institute of Migration, Diversity and Welfare (MIM) and the Swedish Program for ICT in Developing Regions (SPIDER), the Transit Europe international conference explores the current refugee situation in the framework of media, communication and governance, in particular humanitarian technologies and communication.

Keynote speakers of include Silvio Waisbord (George Washington University, Washington D.C., USA),  Mirca Madianou (Goldsmiths’ College, University of London, UK) & more.
During the conference the Voice & Matter. Communication, Development and the Cultural Return anthology will be also be launched based on the Ørecomm conference in 2014.

Symposium Program

Thursday, 22 September 2016

15.00-15.15 Welcome address
Malmö University’s Vice-Chancellor Kerstin Tham + Ørecomm co-directors Oscar Hemer and Thomas Tufte
15.15-15.45  The “refugee crisis” and its multiple implications
Joaquín Arango, Universidad Complutense, Madrid
15.45-16.15 The stories we tell: How Diversity is Narrated and Community is Created in two Copenhagen Neighborhoods
Garbi Schmidt, Roskilde University
16.15-16.45   Discussion
(Chair: Maja Povrzanović Frykman. Discussant: Anna Lundberg, Malmö University)
17.00-17.40  Refugee Migration: Research and activism. Current and up-coming projects in and around Malmö
Joshka Wessels, Lund University, Laid Bouakaz, Malmö University (Chair: Anders Høg Hansen)
17.40-18.00 Book launch: Voice & Matter. Communication, Development and the Cultural Return
(eds. Oscar Hemer & Thomas Tufte, Nordicom)
 18.00  Reception 

Friday, 23 September 2016

9.15-10.00 Communication in the society of difference: Between pluralism and (dis)engagement
Silvio Waisbord, George Washington University
10.00-10.45 Discussion
(Chair: Oscar Hemer. Discussants: Kerry Bystrom, Bard College & Thomas Tufte, University of Leicester)
10.45-11.15 Coffee
11.15-12.00 UNICEF’s humanitarian programming in Europe. A communication perspective
Rafael Obregón, UNICEF, (Chair: Thomas Tufte. Discussant: Norbert Wildermuth, Roskilde University)
12.00-13.00     Lunch
Humanitarian Technologies. From ideals of participation to practices of governance in emergencies and disaster recovery
Mirca Madianou, Goldsmiths’ College, London
(Chair: Tobias Denskus, Malmö University. Discussant: Lisa Ann Richey, Roskilde University)
14.45-16.45 Parallel paper sessions.
NICOE11 (main lecture hall), NIC0502, NIC05 K3 Studio (5th floor by the ‘C’ elevator)A (NICOE11) Paper session (chair: Norbert Wildermuth, Roskilde University)Liberal Media Intervention in Post-War Settings: Insights from the Epistemologies of the South. Sofia José Santos and Teresa Almeida Cravo, University of Coimbra

“News-you-can-use”: The role of dialogue in providing vital Information to refugees in Europe. Victoria Jack, Internews

The Refugee Crisis, Political Opportunities & Threats and Transnational Solidarity Organizations in Greece and Denmark. Maria Kousis, Hans-Jörg Trenz, Angelos Loukakis, Kostas Kanellopoulos, University of Crete, and Deniz Neriman Duru, University of Copenhagen

An analytics of civic agency and social media – the case of refugee volunteering. Julie Uldam and Anne Kaun, Roskilde University

B (NIC05 K3 Studio) Paper session (chair: Erliza López Pedersen)

The mediation of waiting: a case study on the experience of transit among Iraqi refugees in Jordan. Mirjam A. Twigt, University of Leicester

Migration and integration : technologies on the refugee route to Europe. Gita Zadnikar, Alma Mater Europaea, Ljubljana

Vectors of Europe: Boats, The Mediterranean Sea and Politics of Movement. Mahmoud Keshavarz and Eric Snodgrass, Malmö University

C (NIC0502) Workshop: Words of War (chair: Ronald Stade, Malmö University)

Politically Correct: The History of a Fighting Concept. Ronald Stade

Creative Intelligence and the Cold War: US Military Investments in Undisciplined Thought 1945-1965. Bregje van Eekelen, Erasmus University, Rotterdam

(Optional parallel session: Medea Talk with Marju Lauristin: What will we mean by privacy in the future? Auditorium B 1

Panel discussion with all speakers
(Rapporteur: Jo Tacchi, University of Loughborough. Moderator: Oscar Hemer)


ComDev joins Flinders University’s innovative teaching event on ‘Timor-Leste: Challenges of a new state in the Asian century’

by Tobias Denskus April 14, 2016 ComDev staff

In a continuation of previous collaboration around the ‘Glocal Classroom‘, ComDev’s teaching team, led by Mikael Rundberg in Adelaide as well as Ronald Stade and Oscar Hemer in Malmö will be co-facilitating a 4-day Intensive teaching module using educational ICTs to bring on-campus and distance students together in a ‘blended classroom’. The event is organized […]

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ComDev anniversary event-News & Updates

by Tobias Denskus August 14, 2015 Alumni

Our ComDev 15th anniversary seminar is nicely taking shape and we would like to take the opportunity of returning from our summer vacation to share some updates with you. Below is the draft program for the 1.5 days in September. Our post from before the summer break outlines the rationale behind the seminar with some […]

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Celebrate 15 years of ComDev with us!

by Tobias Denskus May 22, 2015 Alumni

Dear students, alumni, colleagues & friends of ComDev Malmö! ComDev was founded in 2000 and we are celebrating the program’s 15th anniversary this year! We would like to take this opportunity to invite students, alumni, colleagues and friends of the program to a special 2-day event in Malmö on 18 & 19 September 2015. The […]

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Guardian Live Q&A: how can NGOs and the media work better together? (26 February)

by Tobias Denskus February 26, 2015 ComDev seminar

ComDev’s Tobias Denskus will be part of a Guardian Live Chat on Thursday afternoon (26 February); as this is a chat without video or audio, we will add a little interactivity from our side and broadcast the Q&A with additional comments; if you are a ComDev student or alumni you can join us on Live […]

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#voiceandmatter: 4 weeks to go!

by Rebecca Bengtsson August 15, 2014 ComDev lectures

This year’s Ørecomm Festival, Voice & Matter is drawing close – 17 to 20 September will be interesting days. With little more than four weeks to go, as many as 50 speakers from 20 different countries are confirmed. Almost 30 speakers have been accepted to present papers during the conference, and we are happy to announce that abstracts and bios now are […]

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ComDev students to Guelph for Glocal Classroom seminar

by Rebecca Bengtsson May 14, 2014 ComDev

A number of travel grants, targeted to students at the Communication for Development master’s programme at Malmö University, were announced for the up-coming Guelph Seminar. We are now happy to announce that ComDev students Antonio Palazuelos, Nora Wegner and Seija Anttonen will join us in Guelph. We are looking forward to your participation! “This is […]

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ComDev at Stellenbosch Seboka 25 March

by Rebecca Bengtsson March 25, 2014 Alumni

Four universities on four continents have decided to build a global platform for collaboration and interchange on web-based learning.  As part of the Glocal Classroom project, ComDev is visiting Stellenbosch University in South Africa from 25 to 26 March, continuing in Guelph, Canada, in May, Malmö, Sweden, in September and ending at Flinders University in Adelaide, Australia, in November. […]

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