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Advances in Communication for Development: Social Action, Planning and Evaluation.

Advances in Communication for Development: Social Action, Planning and Evaluation is a Malmö University course specifically tailored for Development and Communication professionals. Aimed at those who wish to enhance their skill-set and strengthen the academic foundations supporting their professional practice. This course is open to collaborations with employers and organisations from the development sector and can be added as professional development or training portfolio.

Advances in Communication for Development: Social Action, Planning and Evaluation is a fully accredited 15 credit Malmö University course. Taught part-time over one term the course is specifically structured to accommodate demanding work schedules and complement day-to-day professional practice. The course for the autumn semester will run between August 2017 and mid-January 2018.

The course utilises a unique Convergence Pedagogy, focusing on online learning with intensive in-situ lectures and seminars. This innovative mode of learning has been pioneered by Malmö University’s Communication for Development Master’s Programme. Convergence Pedagogy ensures that the benefits of a campus-based education can be offered within a flexible distance-learning format, retaining the strengths of both modes of learning and ensuring vibrant discussions in the virtual and physical classroom. The Communication for Development team has been leading a global project around convergence pedagogy, The Glocal Classroom, with partners from Australia, Canada and South Africa.StudentsOnStageAnniversaryEventSeptember2015

In a recent survey of alumni a graduate from the Communication for Development masters programme said:

“Assignments, brainstorming, comments on others assessments, group and/or individual examinations, every single teaching or evaluating tool was creatively adapted into this new way of creating “community” as well as participatory learning” ComDev graduate (2009).

Teaching staff on Advances in Communication for Development: Social Action, Planning and Evaluation are experienced professionals, researchers and teachers within the field of Communication for Development, with experience in engaging with international organizations, NGOs and bilateral agencies.  It is this productive application of theoretical analytical frameworks to practical techniques, particularly in the area of Planning and Evaluating, that makes this course an especially good fit for Development or Communication professionals.

“The course as very relevant for me because I have a background in development studies and international studies but I am not working in the field. I would like to work in the field so have really enjoyed the course and being back in academia” (Student comment from the final course evaluation)

ComDevSeminarNiagaraSeptember2015The Communication for Development Master’s Programme at Malmö University has had over 200 graduates many of whom have advanced to academic research positions, posts within development cooperation organisations or consultancy work. Advances in Communication for Development: Social Action, Planning and Evaluation makes this graduate level university education available for inclusion in a broad spectrum of organisations in the international development sector.

Advances in Communication for Development: Social Action, Planning and Development is taught in English. It is also part of the new 2-year Communication for Development MA programme that was launched in autumn 2016.

The first course included several students from UN headquarters and field offices, bilateral development agencies, NGO staff and freelance communication professionals, often alumni of the ComDev MA program. Student feedback from the final course evaluation confirms the strong connection between theoretical insights, practical application and professional reflections:

“For me this was an upgrade of my academic and professional knowledge. I have realized how to combine the theory with practice in my daily work. It helped me to re-open a theoretical window in C4D, which must not be avoided in planning processes”

“The project I am working with is currently being evaluated. This course has been very relevant in providing new perspectives and learning around the topic of evaluation and communication”

“I believe that this course is very relevant as it gives you practical experiences in planning and evaluation (…). This course has given me new tools and new perspectives for future professional challenges”

Organisations that wish to enroll multiple participants can request additions to the course curriculum or additional, bespoke training, that addresses specific organisational needs or project goals.

You can find a detailed syllabus for the course on the official application website: Advances in Communication for Development: Social Action, Planning and Development.ComDevHugoBoothbySeptember2015

Course start September 2017

For more information on how this course can be accessed by your organisation please contact Hugo Boothby, ComDev’s commissioned education coordinator, hugo.boothby[at]

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Stella Okoronkwo March 27, 2017 at 8:04 pm

It sounds like a great initiative that I may be interested in. But the application process seems complicated. Can you send information separately on that? Concretely, how much will one pay for doing such a course and how long will it last?




Tobias Denskus March 30, 2017 at 7:35 am

Hi Stella,
The application process follows the usual procedures and you will have to apply through Sweden’s central admission agency. Just click the green ‘Apply’ button at the very bottom of the course page ( The cost for this course (one semester part-time, 15 credits) is 23000 Swedish Krona.


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