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Course start guide autumn 2012

Welcome to the course start guide autumn 2012. Here we present a time table for the course start so you can anticipate when things going to happen for instance when to register and get your login information to the learning platform and other important services at Malmö University. We also provide links to the web registration and sign up for the seminars and the Örecomm festival. The guide page is divided in sections guiding students in different stages of the Comdev programme. The info on this page will be updated during the summer so please visit it from time to time, especially in August. See Get Help or Contact us if you need help

Find “your” information below. Students…

Common information to all comdev students

The Örecomm festival is the major yearly seminar event for Comdev. The festival start Friday the 14 September at Roskilde University. The weekend is spent at Malmö University and then we are back in Denmark and Copenhagen on Monday. See this link for the full programme and how to register. The Örecomm festival is mandatory but you have an option to participate online if you live far from Scandinavia. You must register on the Örecomm page. Please use the info field at the registration page to write were you come from and, if you are going to participate online from where you are connecting (your house/apartment or job/school or internet café). It is always interesting to know where we have our audience in the world. It is also good to know what internet connection you have so we can adjust the video stream for you. We are webcasting the whole seminar live (real time) by a Live Lecture. More about how to join the Live Lecture system in your section.

Programme start autumn 2012 – Semester 1 (New students)

Students entering the Communication for Development programme autumn 2012 and starts their first semester with the course Media, Globalization and Development (MGD) Course Code 620C. On this course will you also meet students who started spring 2012 doing their second semester


The Welcome letter sent to your private email (the one you entered when you applied). Join the comdev Facebook page, see the link to the right, and socialize with your new friends. Have a look at the syllabus, literature list and the student handbook. If you are sure to start the comdev programme please also start planning your participation at the Örecomm festival. Especially if you thinking on coming to Malmö/Roskilde for the festival.


Confirm your place at university admission ( Deadline 30 July. Note! This applies for students who applied in the late application Mars-April 2012. See the notification letter from the Admission office.

When you have decided to start your comdev master please register to the Örecomm festival see above.

6 – 20 August – Login information and Malmö University’s IT systems

The Malmö University’s Library and IT service will email you your login credentials (computerID and a temporary password). Look out in your private inbox including the spam folder. You will also get information about your Malmö University email address and other digital resources as well as access to the Library. If you haven’t got an email from Malmö University’s Library and IT service with your computerID by the 20 August please email the and ask for it.

IMPORTANT! The course site is on It’s Learning which is Malmö University’s LMS (Learning Management System). You will not have access to it until you have done the web registration.

Read more about the IT resources at

13 – 31 August – Create your Live Lecture account

Live Lecture is the webcast system we use at online sessions and seminars. It is not connected to your computerID so you need to create yet another account. Don’t wait to the last minute to do this. Read more about Live Lecture in the student handbook

The Live Lecture registration is OPEN now. Click here to get your Live Lecture login

22 August – 3 September – Course registration on the Web

(Note! The opening date is changed from the 20 to the 22th – sorry for the confusion)

Go to (change language at the page top) and do the course registration.
Login with your computerID and register. You need register both on the programme Communication for Development (HACFD) and the first course, Media, Globalization and Development (KK620C) since it is your first semester. IMPORTANT! You must actively register otherwise you won’t have access to the course site on It’s Learning. The web registration is compulsory. Don’t wait to the last minute to register. NOTE! It normally takes 1 or 2 days for the systems to sync i.e. from the day you web register before you can see the MGD course in It’s Learning

Login at It’s learning and explore the course site. Note! it is important that you use the correct link to It’s Learning. Use the link from the Comdev Portal (see links to the right) or from (NOTE! WILL NOT work)

Monday 3 September – COURSE START

Deadline web registration 11.59 PM GMT. You should have access to It’s Learning at this point. All info on the site is now up to date. Use the open forum to test the forum communication and say hello to your fellow students. If you haven’t please see this FAQ LINK (update in august)

Wednesday 5 September 11AM – 1 PM GMT (13-15 Swedish time) – ONLINE INTRODUCTION

This is an online session in Live Lecture. You will find the live lecture link at the course site in It’s learning. This is the reason that we want you to create the Live Lecture account well in time before the course start so you know a little about the system.

Thursday 13 September 11AM – 1PM GMT (13-15 Swedish time) – Pre-seminar online lecture

Pre-seminar online lecture with Anders Høg Hansen (on themes and with examples of cases/last year assignments)

Fri-Mon 14 – 17 September – Örecomm Festival

See programme at the örecomm site

… the rest of the course is on It’s Learning.

Common Information for Comdev stundents on semester 2 to 4

22 August – 3 September – Course registration on the Web

(Note! The opening date is changed from the 20 to the 22th)

Go to (change language at the page top) and do the course registration.

Monday 3 September – COURSE START

The course site is ready and you should have access to it.

Fri-Mon 14 – 17 September – Örecomm Festival

See programme at the örecomm site. The teachers may have different assignments or highlight some lectures in particular to the different courses. Watch out for this information on the course billboard at It’s Learning.

Students started spring 2012 – Semester 2

Continuing with their second semester and the course Media, Globalization and Development (MGD) Course Code KK620C

Wednesday 5 September 11AM – 1 PM GMT (13-15 Swedish time) – ONLINE INTRODUCTION

Together with the new students who starts ComDev autumn 2012. Place: Live Lecture in its learning. Please check so you have access to Live Lecture – remember the different login (the zon***** username )

Students started autumn 2011 – Semester 3

Continuing with their third semester and the course New Media, ICT and Development (NMICT&DEV) Course Code KK622C in September to November

Wednesday 5 September 1 – 2 PM GMT (15-16 Swedish time) ONLINE INTRODUCTION (Live Lecture)

and Research Methodology (RM) Course Code KK623C in November to January

8 November ? PM GMT (? Swedish time) ONLINE INTRODUCTION (Live Lecture)

Register both to NMICT&DEV and RM

Students started Spring 2011 – Semester 4

Continuing with their fourth semester and the Degree Project (DP) Course Code KK624C

5 September 2-3 PM GMT (16-17 Swe time) Online Introduction (Live Lecture)

Most likely the 5th September. I’ll update as soon as I got the time confirmed. Place: Live Lecture

Students started autumn 2010 – Semester 4

Did the Degree Project course spring 2012 and are still working with the degree project and aims at exam in the autumn 2012. You will keep on working on the Degree Projects site spring 2012 – you will not be moved to a new course site in It’s Learning.

Get Help or Contact us

Problems with your admission – Contact Admission office

Web page:

Problems with the web registration and LADOK


Problems with IT resources and Library – Contact Malmö University’s Library and IT service

English web page:
Swedish web page (much better):

Problems with Live Lecture – Contact Comdev technician: Mikael Rundberg

Web page: See Student HandBook
Skype: mikael.rundberg

Questions about the course content or the Örecomm Festival – Contact Comdev staff

Web page: See Student HandBook
(some longer time for answers during July)

Best regards Micke Rundberg

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Katarina Eriksson August 22, 2012 at 11:13 am


Jag kommer att borja lasa ComDev nu i host och jag undrar vilka bocker som kommer att vara de mest anvanda, dvs obligatoriska genom den forsta kursen sa jag kan bestalla dessa redan nu.

Vanliga halsningar,

Katarina Eriksson


Hugo Boothby August 23, 2012 at 10:23 am

Hi Katarina

You can find full literature list for your first ComDev course Media, Globalization and Development here



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