Context: A tech workshop on rapid prototyping techniques combining Arduino and Bluetooth.

Description: A tiny sketch for a reaction-time game. The cell phone displays an image of a face. If it is a happy face, the player to press her button first gets a point. If it is a sad face, pressing the button costs a point. First player to reach five points wins.

Interesting: The group comprising three people with piecewise tech skills and no real programming expertise was able to create a fully functional sketch inside four hours. This is, of course, due to the power of the Arduino prototyping environment, its integration with Android, and the Arduino Bluetooth library. The cell phone is the processor of the setup: it runs the game engine in Android code and communicates via Bluetooth with an Arduino board that controls the buttons and diodes.

Credits: Whipped together by Jonas Löwgren, Jordi Solsona and Kaisa Väänänen-Vainio-Mattila. Thanks to David Cuartielles and Andreas Göransson for creating the Bluetooth library and patiently teaching the workshop, and to all the workshop participants who volunteered the use of their faces in the sketch.

Date: March 2011.

More: The game sketch is available in a playable screen version.

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