Game night at K3 12 februari

Hello everyone,

I’ve heard that K3 was home to some legendary game nights back in the day where students, staff and their friends were welcome to blow off some steam and play some games. In an attempt to start bringing that tradition back, we’re having a game night this Friday (Feb. 12th) starting at 17.00 and going on till around 21.00 – 22.00 .

This is happening with cooperation from IDK students as well as students and staff from the spelutveckling program at TS.We’ll have a lot of board games to choose from as well as some fun multiplayer video games (everyone is welcome to bring their own games so the list is growing). I hope some of you will join us.


 Jaffar Salih

Universitetsadjunkt – Interaktionsdesign

Konst, kultur & kommunikation (K3)

Malmö Högskola