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October 30, 2011 · Posted in Literature Review 

Dear respective netizens,

We warmly embrace your visit to our blog, which is aimed to reflect on information and communication technologies (ICTs) and so-called ‘new media’ from a development/social change perspective.

As part of our mandatory assignment in New Media, ICT, and Development (Master Program : Communication Development, Malmo Hogskola, Sweden, 2009 – 2011), theoretical approaches to studying new media cultures and practices are explored through literature reviews, and illustrated with case studies will be elaborated throughout this blog with a sole purpose to provide an understanding of how new media and ICTs are analysed and theorised in media and communication studies, and particularly in relation to development and social change.

Our thematic group review, which is social media, will demonstrate a deepened understanding of the role of ICTs for globalization, and the significance of the digital revolution in a global perspective, with special regard to governance and civic participation.

Last but not least, you will also find our individual assignments in this blog, which discuss various social media case studies in particular to direct participation and democracy development around the globe, with a critically reflection upon the role of ICT and new media in specific development/social change contexts, with societal, cultural and ethical aspects taken into consideration.

We welcome any comments, critical point of view, or additional theoretical literatures from all of you to enrich this blog content.

So, relax, sit back, grab your coffee, and enjoy!



Minavere Vera Bardici

Simon Elias Bibri

Erliza Lopez Pedersen

Lisa Virgiano




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