Individual Case Studies

Can Digital Revolution in Application of Social Media Lead To Sustainable Democracy?

Case Studies :

Belarus Smart Mobs Using Social Media Applications (2006 – 2011)

Author : Lisa Virgiano










eating ice cream as part of flash mobs in Belarus

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It is inevitable that a discourse of social media and its complementary recent studies are always adjoined together with the rapid development of ICT, which has done a major alteration in human interaction and brought up more than a few important transformations in communication content diversification and its patterns, interactivity in medium of expression, and a spur to unswerving participation for civil society to foster democracy in terms of opinion sharing, information dissemination, and mobilizing resources for social and political changes.

Thus, the purpose of this individual case study is mainly to put the application of social media in directing democratic participation into a question, by conferring a case study about the application of social media in mobilizing smart mobs for political and social changes in Belarus. Distinctively, the significance of digital revolution in a global perspective, with special regard to governance and civic participation, will be analyzed and theorized in media and communication studies, and particularly in relation to development and social political changes by reflecting upon the role of ICT and new media in specific development/social change contexts.


Case Study 2. The Filipino Citizen Media on the RH Bill Debate 

By Erliza Lopez Pedersen

Abstract: There is right now an ongoing debate in the Philippines about whether or not the country needs a comprehensive Reproductive Health Law. The enthusiastic Filipinos take part in this debate using many social media platforms. Hence, the idea of the citizen media can be seen on the engagement that they are pouring out to communicate, inform, and possibly influence the members of the Philippine society. My essay is about identifying the Filipino citizen media and the role they are playing in the controversial Reproductive Health Bill debate.

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