Real World vs Electronic World: the Question of Surveillance

New tools and technology have really opened the door of opportunity for sharing, creating, and distributing content. Since these tools have made it easy to share content, they have also made it easy to steal content. That’s why the question of surveillance is very important nowadays. We have asked several young people of different age, profession and country what do they think about the role internet surveillance plays in our everyday life. Find their answers below.

Maya, 25
Profession: teacher
Country: Finland

“For the last years the danger that some organizations, companies and people are getting access to personal information has dramatically increased. I realize that nothing is really private anymore and the users don’t have any power. I don’t have any power. Today all the information about the person is in provider’s hands. People start to worry about their private life. People’s awareness causes deviance and social activity. As a result different social movements appear. They try to fight for their rights. And they use social media, because it’s the easiest way to share information with people and involve them into action.”

Thomas, 30
Profession: lawyer
Country: Russia

“Online privacy has become one of the most urgent topics nowadays. And there is nothing surprising. Because of massive investments in internal security, Internet culture is changing. Anonymity will soon become a precious thing. Closed user groups have already gained momentum in communities that have a heightened awareness and demand for privacy. Decentralized infrastructure is needed. There are a lot of organizations and foundations nowadays, who discuss such problems. For example “The Electronic Frontier Foundation” is among those, who reacted to problems of communication privacy online. I know, that they developed a toolset called “Tor”. It can be used by organizations and people that want to improve their safety and security on the Internet.”

Maria, 26
Profession: public relations manager
Country: Sweden

“A lot of users do not even realize how often they are being surveilled. Of course there are people who aren’t aware of the extent to which they’re being monitored, but there are others, who are afraid their information could be used!”

And what do you think about Internet Surveillance? Please leave your comments below!

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