Internet has constructed new media

Media technology has transformed last century and before we talk about media activism, we think it is important to go back and discuss on knowledge of the development of media during last two decades. Last 2 decades shows us the dramatic changes in media and the way people engage with media. These changes are especially seen after the fall of Berlin Wall in 1989 and resulted in alteration of media in the world (Hemmer & Tufte).

First, new media technologies have been developing in such a way that have resulted in lowering cost of broadcasting. Currently, it is almost relatively no cost to have an online newspaper and online radio or online YouTube channel or even to create a Opensim open source based virtual world or to create avatar in SecondLife to spread to word to the virtual world residents. Second, new media tools removed barriers to produce content. Third, new technology increased the number of media organizations and media mediums: newspapers, radio stations, televisions, and internet (also we need to count online newspapers, online radios, online tvs here). Finally, new technologies provided a new type of interaction with the source of media, content providers as well as readers. Thus, because of new media has become more popular among people, we strongly believe that internet has constructed a new type of media.


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