About us

This blog is part of a work group assignment for the course “New Media, ICT and Development” of Communication for Development MA at Malmö University. The aim of this blog is twofold: exploring the technical and practical aspects of webpublising, social networking and webcasting tools, and to apply the joint and additional literature of the course.

This blog will be the result of a group exercise conducted by four students: Cristina Souza, Irina Bernebring Journiette, Mats Kullberg, and Serdar Temiz. Presenting different perspectives and ideas we will reflect upon the topic of New Media Activism seen in the light of Communication for Development. The theme is defined as following by our instructors:

“Within the ICT discourse, new media such as the Internet is seldom discussed as anything but a tool. There is however within the ’critical net culture’ (see e.g. writings by Lovink) an increasing awareness of the network itself as a contested space. Apart from activism taking place with the aid of ICTs, this theme takes a look at activism happening in and through the new media per se. This doesn’t mean, however, that we need to be constrained to the screen, as the relation between online and offline space is often the topic of new media activism. Typical of this kind of work is a blurring of the boundaries between art, politics and everyday life such as can be observed in ‘tactical media’ interventions, net art projects, gender and ICT or free software projects. Critical questions to explore in this field concern the conditions for cultural production in network culture with issues such as surveillance, privacy/security, copyright, gender, online/offline, private/public.”

Thus, we intend here, besides of the practical exercise, exploring some concepts, practices and critiques of new media activism, employing some theoretical framework within the field of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and so-called new media. Moreover, we intend to present our understanding on the role of new media activism within the broad field of communication for development and social changes.

The blog is organized as following:

On the menu, you will find pages in which we present the purpose of this blog and ourselves, the students members of this group; the sections of the report we will present as outcome of the group work  – A little bit on context; What’s new media, anyway?, Understanding new media activism – and the literature references.

On the main pages, you will find posts writen by members of the group in which each one express individually her/his understanding of the readings and other thoughts related to new media activism.

On the blogroll, you will find the other groups blogs for this assignment and links of some real examples of new media activism, according to our understanding. Those initiatives are organized in categories proposed by Lievrouw (2011) in her work intitled Alternative and Activist New Media.

We look forward to sharing our thoughts on the subject matter and hope that you, our reader, will partake in the unraveling of this fascinating theme with us.